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September models to look out for. This month of September we will looking at models who are in the industry who are pushing their career, have promise, and also have the skills in becoming super models in the respective fields of modeling they have chosen. This month of September we will be looking at 3 […]
Hello everyone. Today we are going to be looking into the history of photography. Modeling, fashion, make ups, anything beauty has to involve photography. We can all agree that memories are stored in photographs. The photography industry has become a very popular and rich industry. Making me curious about the history of photography. You must […]
That’s right you guessed it. The world renowned Victoria Secret casts it’s first transgender model by the name of Valentina Sampaio. For the first time in the company’s 42-year history, Victoria’s Secret cast a transgender model to appear in one of its campaigns. Valentina Sampaio, a model and actor from Brazil, is slated to appear […]
A lot of aspiring models make this mistakes a lot, they don’t even know they are mistakes. And these mistakes are made as a result of ignorance, wrong teachings and arrogance of the models. Later on in their careers they learn about these mistakes, stop them, and start doing things the right way. I have […]
Ways you can make money using apps. And on the internet. You probably are a model, fashion designer, a start up CEO, a student, online business person, which ever one. And you know you need a side hustle or a means of generating income by the side to support your career and yourself. I understand, […]