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Project Next Model is a modeling reality TV show which is going to house 30 models for 30 days. Winner goes home with endorsement deals. Cash prize, and gifts worth N2.5 million 1 year contract with a local or international agency The best part is, it is open to all types of models: Fashion models […]
On this day last year, September 3rd, 2018, eoamodeling.com.ng website was created and began to run. In celebration of eoamodeling.com.ng being one year old. I am going to be stating the achievements made on the website, and facts about it. Enjoy! 1 year achievements 1- The website first started as eoamodeling.blogspot.com but later became eoamodeling.com.ng […]
The SIREN Episode 4 The broken flower that started it all. Warning: This is a property of eoamodeling.com.ng. Copyright infringement is advised to be avoided. Elements and contents of this series should not be used anywhere else for any other reasons. Only on this site the series will be uploaded. Any other sites is a […]
The SIREN Episode 3 INTO THE SHADOWS. “Officer Dan. These men are looking for you.” Says the male officer who attended to the three men who wanted to see the head of the police department. The commissioner. “Who are they?” Asks officer Dan to the officer as he was just entering the police department. “We […]
There were fashion shows which took place this week, and some done secretly so it won’t be a shock if you probably missed them. Here they are. 1- Balmain men’s fashion show This fashion show took place in Paris, on the 18th of Jan 2019, with guests who came for the fashion show such as: […]