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The best known fashion show know as Victoria Secret fashion show is called. That is right. The world renowned is cancelled. Reason are given according to CBSNEWS: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been surrounded by controversy in the past, and this year it’s just not happening, according to model Shanina Shaik, who leaked the […]
There were fashion shows which took place this week, and some done secretly so it won’t be a shock if you probably missed them. Here they are. 1- Balmain men’s fashion show This fashion show took place in Paris, on the 18th of Jan 2019, with guests who came for the fashion show such as: […]
School of modeling fashion show 2019 jel at Westwood Hotel Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria on the 12th of January 2019. The fashion show had sponsors such as: Wilson’s Lemonade Essenar And partners such as: My Booker Lens on TV The Sun Zane models management And various others With hosts: With special guest artist, K Brule, one […]
As the new year begins, so are the arrangement for fashion shows in the first month of the new year. Various fashion shows are slated to hold in this month of January and they are quite promising. And here the various fashion shows to watch out for ! PARIS FASHION WEEK MEN’S The fashion show […]
The just concluded Ekiti Fashion Exhibition and awards 2018 show took place late last month of November, it was powered by De Elegance Expertise Palaisa. It involved a lot of programmes such as 2 days of Trade fair which you can check out in my previous posts, and now finally you will be viewing the […]