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New York Fashion week has started and as you fashion lovers know it is the talk everywhere. From the various fashion shows, to the models opening and closing shows. From making researches on the “Dark history” of fashion brands such as: Chanel, Adidas, I have decided to know the history of New York Fashion Week. […]
That’s right you guessed it. The world renowned Victoria Secret casts it’s first transgender model by the name of Valentina Sampaio. For the first time in the company’s 42-year history, Victoria’s Secret cast a transgender model to appear in one of its campaigns. Valentina Sampaio, a model and actor from Brazil, is slated to appear […]
As we all know their are various hairstyles for both men and women, fashion also extends to the hairstyles we make, be it curls, low cuts, dreads, because they give beauty to the clothes we wear and says more on our personality, helps us in giving us a new look, a different look from the […]
School of modeling fashion show 2019 jel at Westwood Hotel Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria on the 12th of January 2019. The fashion show had sponsors such as: Wilson’s Lemonade Essenar And partners such as: My Booker Lens on TV The Sun Zane models management And various others With hosts: With special guest artist, K Brule, one […]
Fashion is one of the things that appear not to lose it’s touch in our society, as fashion ever continues to expand and evolve. It is not a surprise that a lot of people, especially models are interested in becoming fashion designers, if you are one in the category of desiring to become a fashion […]