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On this day last year, September 3rd, 2018, eoamodeling.com.ng website was created and began to run. In celebration of eoamodeling.com.ng being one year old. I am going to be stating the achievements made on the website, and facts about it. Enjoy! 1 year achievements 1- The website first started as eoamodeling.blogspot.com but later became eoamodeling.com.ng […]
Hello everyone, as you all know EOA admires models all over the world, meet model Fabian Arnold as he is interviewed by EOA and shares his opinions on fashion, modeling, hairstyle, which can be of help to you in giving you all more insight about the world of fashion, and to see things in another […]
I must say, I have gotten some people asking questions about what EOA is all about, or they do know but have not being convinced by the creator, founder of EOA.  Hi my name is Elegushi Oluwaseun Adeniyi, a commercial/photography model, I have being modeling for 2 years now and counting and I have experienced […]
Hi, my name is Elegushi Oluwaseun Adeniyi (EOA), that is right, I am sure you were wondering what EOA stands for, and now you know it stands for my name. So who is EOA, EOA is a commercail/photography/editorial model, and also the CEO of EOA MODELING ACADEMY, EOA is a freelance model, EOA is also […]