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Best Valentine shoot of 2019

Best Valentine shoots of model Olusoga Olawale, and the story behind them, hope you enjoy and find meaning to them. Thank you and happy Valentine! You can reach him on Instagram: @mr_olawaley The story behind one of his shoot: “It shows an unusual love story where a guy is involved with two different girls and …


“From your Valentine”, learn the History of Valentine’s day

Hello everyone, today is Valentine and I am going to be sharing this post with you all about the history of Valentine’s day which I got from the “History website” I do not take any credit for this post, for it was not put together nor edited by me, but the sole purpose of this …


“She is the security I always wanted”- Justin Bieber, on Cover for Vogue March 2019

Justin Bieber and his model wife Hailey Bieber are both on the Vogue US magazine cover for March 2019. They newly weds were interviews about their newly married life’s and one of the things Justin Bieber had to say was “She is the security I always want in my life” You can check out their …

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Fashion news this week you probably missed 9/02/2019

NEW YORK FASHION SHOW 2019 The fashion show just concluded with lots of designers with their wears, and models rocking the runway TOM FORD 2019 Ralph Lauren spring 2019 collection HOGAN MCLANGHLIN Fashion week 2019 The New york fashion show is still going on, kindly subscribe to get notified about the rest. Thank you 💚

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“Some male models are missing it “, what photographers are looking for in male models.

Many male models are wondering why photographers mostly take female model shoots and not male models. Some photographers request for female models than male models, and in asking this troubling question and tying to look for an answer, one of the photographers I have worked with was able to make things clear to me as …

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Meet model Sarah Sokulskyj

It is no new thing that those who are in the fashion industry such as models, photographers, and fashion designers are admired, therefore interviewed on this blog. Today I want you all to meet model Sarah Sokulskyj as she is interviewed. 1- What are your opinions about fashion? Ans- Well I believe in dressing comfortably, …

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Let’s show the world our expression of Valentine’s love

Hello everyone, happy new month and welcome to the month of Valentine, a month where we show our loved one how much we love and appreciate them, and its also a month where creative models and photographers come together to take “Valentine shoots” expressing Valentine’s love through their photoshoots. I also did a Valentine’s shoot …

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