February 22, 2020

Online Training

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You are welcome to our Online Training to learn about training.

Free Photo

EOA MODELING ACADEMY has had this feature for a year now.

The reason was to help those who are interested in modeling but have some challenges facing them, which are:

  1. Location barrier,
  2. Financial constraint,
  3. Busy schedules to not be able to attend a modeling academy.

Online Training brings the solution to those problems, as with Online Training, you will be able to:

  • Learn everything you need to know about modeling at your spare time,
  • You don’t need to worry about locations being a barrier as you will learn through any of your favorite social medias,
  • It’s affordable to start learning without paying the high amounts charged by Modeling academies.

We have trained a lot of people online who were satisfied in our training, represented by our Modeling Academy.

Examples of those who have gone through our Online Training:

1- Cynthia Okafor.

Online Training
Cynthia Okafor, Current Winner of FACE of EOA 2019

Cynthia was a student of Federal University of Oye Ekiti.

Her location was a challenge, as well as financial challenge, with time.

She registered for our online training, and now she is the winner of FACE OF EOA 2019, Whose face you see everywhere today, also won her cash prize of N20000 as promised, with her own photoshoots, and her face everywhere you see EOA.

She also has her own website profile which you can view by clicking here

2- Tenur West

Online Training
Tenur West

He too registered for our Online Training, how he is represented by our academy, EOA MODELING ACADEMY, he too has his own professional website which you can view here

Benefits of registering

1- You learn everything you need to know about modeling. You will be taught about the truth about modeling, the criteria needed in becoming a model. The ugly truth about modeling.

Free Photo

2- You get to be represented by us as one of our students, which will make us provide your own professional modeling website page on our website.

Please note that it’s not all our students we give a professional website profile to, as it’s based on some terms (not money) on factors such as:

  • Completion of training.
  • Ability to adapt in possessing qualities a model must posses.
  • Consent of the individual.

3- Special offers on all our platform programs, such as:

  • FACE OF EOA competition
  • Cellosia Magazine (coming soon)
  • And lot more.

Register for Online Training right now today. Deadline for the teaching, and registration is 18th of December, 2019.

Registration has ended!