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1- A stray dog once ended up stealing the spotlight at Indian Fashion Show.

2- Pencil skirt and A-line skirt were designed by the same fashion designer: Christian Dior.

3- Did you know that women’s skirts always have buttons on the left and homlea on the right, but it’s vice versa for men’s shirts?

4- Tiny pocket in our jeans were designed for cowboys to keep their pocket watches!

5- Did you know, a person’s social rank and profession in the medieval ages was represented by the color of their clothing. The nobility wore red, peasants wore brown and gray and merchants, bankers, and gentry wore green.

6- Bracelets became unfashionable in the middle ages, until the 17th century. Women wore bangles and wrist accessories made from ribbon. During the Victorian era, charms and pendant-style lockets became a trend in bracelets.

7- Men wore high heels before women did

8- The four major fashion capitals in the world are New York, London, Milan and Paris.

9- The practice of ear piercing for earrings reemerged during the 1950s. The trend began as a Fad among college girls.

10- The word ‘jeans’ cones from the cotton pants worn by “Genes”, the local term for Genoan sailors.

11- The first model was the wife of a fashion designer, who used his wife to model his clothes, and also the first to put his label on his clothes.

12- Gucci manufactured a pair of jeans named the Gucci Genius Jeans. They sold for a staggering $3,134.

13- The signature Chanel suit was designed in the 1920s but didn’t gain mainstream popularity until the 1050s.

14- The middle East and North Africa have always been Major contributors to the global textile industry, with some of the world’s finest cotton produced in Egypt.

15- Men have been wearing shorts for decades, but women were only allowed to wear them in public after World War II. One of the main reasons for this was because less fabric was available during the war, so shorts were more cost-effective than pants or skirts.

16- Thousands of fashion magazines are sold every year, but the first ever fashion magazine was sold in Germany in 1586.

17- Children wore the same styles as adults up until the 1500’s, when new trends appeared specifically for children.

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