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Hi, my name is Elegushi Oluwaseun Adeniyi. I am a fashion model. I have been a model for 2 years + now. My experiences as a model made me realise that a lot of people who want to be models don’t know exactly how to go about it. They are mislead by others who are in the modeling business, they scam them of their money, and use social media as a way cheat people out of becoming models.

Hi, I am Elegushi Oluwaseun Adeniyi.

I have been scammed as well. I was told to pay money for shoots which I used to model for a fashion designer. I was told “It will add to your publicity, you are promoting yourself” till I found out from the fashion designer himself that he was the one to had already paid for the shoot which I was scammed of by paying money myself. It’s painful really yes. And I also discovered that so many others as well are being scammed, and it’s all because just like me back then we didn’t know what modeling was all about.

  • The types of modeling.
  • How to make money from modeling.
  • Photography and modeling.
  • What models need to be professional.
  • Commercial modeling, not just training on runway and many others as well.

The desire and passion to help aspiring models to be trained about modeling the right way. Not giving then false hope.

Training them in both the theories and practical aspects of modeling.

I started EOA MODELING ACADEMY as a way to help people to become models the right way. Which I have. I have even trained people for free and I did not like the outcome as they will just forget about it giving excuses about why they are no more interested. And still I have trained others as well, and taught them everything it is to know about modeling.

Israel, one of my first students.

The name was gotten from the Acronym of my name Elegushi Oluwaseun Adeniyi (EOA)


Come and be the model you want to be!

  • Do you want to have the skill set of a model?
  • Able to take creative modeling photoshoots? –
  • The confidence, the boldness, high self esteem, the good fashion styles which models posses?
  • Do you desire to be like Naomi Campbell, Malik Zayn, and other types of models you know and see around?
  • Do you want to have freedom from the problem of not having confidence, low self esteem, being scammed by people because you want to be a model but didn’t know exactly how or you didn’t know the right way to do it?
  • How to create value for yourself, so many noises of what modeling truly entails and you want the truth?

EOA MODELING ACADEMY is a school of modeling which teaches you how to:

  • Become a model.
  • Different types of modeling (commercial, runway, pageantry ….)
  • Helping you solve the problems mentioned above.
  • Skincare routines for models. Bringing out the value in you.
  • Fitness training.
  • Helping you in creating value in yourself as it has done to other models who have passed through the modeling academy.
  • EOA modeling academy helps in making you the model you want to be
    So register today on the different packages available.
  • Online training
  • 1 Week training
  • 1 month training

For registration and enquiries:

Call/WhatsApp : 08148238358

Telegram : 08148238358


Email- oluwaseungushi@gmail.com

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Creating value! creating Impact! Making your dreams come true!

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