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Introducing ANON which is a place for every model or fashion enthusiasts can come and express themselves, share their experience, both favourable and unfavorable to the general public yet having their identities remain a secret.

Many models are going through a lot, some are suffering in silence due to a maltreatment from various bodies in the modeling industry and outside.

Which is why ANON is created. To keep the anonymousity of the model while they share their experience with the world so that we can learn from them and also stop unprofessional behaviors in the modeling industry.

Many who claim to be a body of the modeling industry do not practice nor preach what modeling truly entails. They are mostly the ones who maltreat and mislead aspiring models and models in general knowing fully well the models can not say anything because they don’t have a strong body backing them up, they are desperate for modeling jobs, and most especially because they do not want to look bad to the public eye.

Which is why ANON is created. Here you can once again, tell the world about your silent sufferings by writing to us, as we promise to keep your identity 100% confidencial.

My name is Elegushi Oluwaseun Adeniyi, the founder and CEO of eoa modeling academy. I created ANON as an entity where models can share the secrets they want to, to the world while keeping identities in check.

EOA MODELING ACADEMY stands against any form of scams, maltreatment, and misleading models. Registered under Coporate affairs commission (C.AC), with a Google verified website, and strong associates in the modeling, fashion, and entertainment industry. We stand to protect you against wrong doings in this industry.

ANON is your friend, ANON is your companion, ANON is your umbrella, ANON will speak and protect you when no one can.

SPEAK TO ANON by writing us a message starting with “Dear Anon” by clicking on the button below to send to