April 3, 2020


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EOA MODELING ACADEMY is an academy set aside to train aspiring models to become professional models. It is a company registered under Corporate Affairs Commission RC: 3060587, with a Google verified website eoamodeling.com.ng.


It is designed to teach, and train individuals in all the spheres of modeling. What the modeling industry is all about the right way.

Winner of Face of EOA 2019

It also creates platforms for models to benefit from financially, add to their experience, and build their portfolio, a plus to their career. As EOA MODELING ACADEMY has powered and created shows, and platforms such as:

1- Face of EOA

Face of EOA is a model competition which was created in the year 2019, which started as an online competition. Now in the year 2020, it will be a reality, stage competition.


The fashion show is created to promote the African style. A runway show for models to storm the runway, and fashion designers to promote their brands, and designs. Follow us on Instagram @eoafashionshow

EOA MODELING ACADEMY is also set to provide solutions for people who desire to become models but various obstacles prevent them such as: Distance, Finance, and time. Which is why EOA ONLINE TRAINING was created. Making EOA MODELING ACADEMY the first modeling school to train have an online training platform.


EOA online training was created because of the the problems aspiring models face preventing then from learning the skills they need to become models which are: Time, location, financial constraint.

The online training helps to solve the problems, and cuts across all the major social media platforms, as the academy brings modeling and technology together in this technology driven time, and generation.

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EOA MODELING ACADEMY has brought modeling, and technology together to help better the modeling industry ,and reach people in the cybernetic internet space who are interested in modeling.

Our website eoamodeling.com.ng is a website for fashion, modeling, photography, lifestyle, and art. Which is verified by Google.

It is a fashion, and modeling website where fashion events are being blogged about, lifestyle, art, modeling, history of fashion brands, and model interviews.

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Learn about our founder, and Chief Executive Officer.

The founder, and Chief Executive Officer (C.EO) is non other than Elegushi Oluwaseun Adeniyi.

Elegushi Oluwaseun Adeniyi

He is a graduate from the department of Psychology and behavioural studies of Ekiti State University (Eksu)

He is a fashion model, fashion blogger, entrepreneur, web designer, creative artists, writer for City People fashion magazine, singer, writer, keyboardist.

He created EOA MODELING ACADEMY has an academy where aspiring models get to be the models they dream of becoming without getting scammed as he was during his time learning, and training to become a model.

The name EOA comes from the first letters of his name: Elegushi Oluwaseun Adeniyi.

His knowledge on technology helped in mixing technology to the modeling academy, such as the website ,and online training.

He is the Brian behind EOA MODELING ACADEMY, and the one who built the website eoamodeling.com.ng, and the one who creates the contents and interviews on this website. He has also built websites for others such as :

  • eoamodeling.com.ng (own)
  • schoolofmodeling.com.ng
  • projectnextmodel.com.ng
  • mostbeautifulcitygirl.com.ng

He is also part of the team of the just concluded model reality show Project Next Model. And a judge for Most Beautiful City Girl pageantry.

To know more about our founder, kindly follow him on instagram @prince_eoa

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EOA MODELING ACADEMY is more than just an academy…