Meet Tofunmi

Tofunmi is one of the models who will be entering into the face of eoa house.

Get to know her more as she expresses herself in this interview about the coming event, and a little bit about herself.

1- What is your name?

Ans- My name is Tofunmi

2- How does it feel to be among the models entering the face of eoa house?

Ans- I feel so elated to be one of the models that would enter the house.

3- what would you like to aspire to be in the modeling industry?

Ans- My aspiration is to be a promotional model who can impact the eyes and hearts without having to go naked.

4- What are you hoping to experience while in the face of eoa model reality show house?

Ans well, I hope to experience a really good time. Lol.

5- What are your hobbies?

Ans-I love singing, trying out new things, wearing makeup when I’m bored and taking photos of myself.

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