September Models to watch out for!

September models to look out for. This month of September we will looking at models who are in the industry who are pushing their career, have promise, and also have the skills in becoming super models in the respective fields of modeling they have chosen.

This month of September we will be looking at 3 models.

1- Olasubomi Kasaba

September Models to watch out for
Olasubomi Kasaba in a Photoshoot.

Olasubomi is an Hijabi model who trained under eoa modeling academy.

She has learnt everything needed, and acquired the skills set to being a model during are time under the academy.

Afterwards she was given her own website page which you can check by here where she can be booked for a modeling job or signed to an agency.

She is an Hijabi model and one to watch out for.

September Models to watch out for
Olasubomi, Hijabi model in a shoot.

Her Instagram page is @_darkskin_nana

Face of eoa
Click image for more!

2- Lilian

September Models to watch out for

Lilian is a fashion model, she was one of the finalists for a model reality show Project Next Model season 1.

Recently she has been taking home made shoots with the assistance of her mother, which can all be seen on her latest Instagram page.

Aside from the well times dark skin, creative concepts, hardworking spirit, and persistence, she is a model to look out for.

Her Instagram page is @miss.adaeze

3- Lara

Lara in a photoshoot

Lara is a fashion model who was trained under School of modeling.

She has been involved in a lot of Photoshoots and collaborations which can be seen on her Instagram page.

September models to watch out for
Lara and Mary in a shoot by prohuman

To see more of her shoots, check them out at

Her Instagram page is @lara_odu

That is all for this month of September models to watch out for.

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