Hello everyone. With much insights, studying, and delebration. I have come to announce to you about EOA MAGAZINE which is going to be an online magazine.

First off, I took the initiative to start a magazine after creating this website and blog, running it for 2+ years to say I wanted to create a magazine called CELOSIA MAGAZINE whereas I had being running a magazine all along.

Some of you may not know the difference between a blog and a magazine (or online magazine) as they are different from one another.

I started this website as a blog, then without realising it I was actually transforming it into an online Magazine, where I began Interviewing models far and wide, internationally from different countries such as Ghana, Germany, and others. You can check the category “Interview” on the menu of this website.

Also I was posting more things about fashion, modeling, photography, and lifestyle than posting about myself as normal bloggers do.

Then I was writing about fashion shows, Modeling projects, lifestyles models should do. Even began to add fashion comics such as “Heroin Chic” “Avater the last air bender, after the war” Which I have un-published them all.

Also starting my own fashion series called “The Siren” which is still available to read, however some chapters are on premium where you have to subscribe to read.

You will begin to see that this website is actually more of a magazine than a blog aside from the fact that there is no scheduled release of issues either monthly, bi-annually or yearly.

After studying the difference between blog and magazine. I decided to call it a magazine. All though their will still be blog posts, yet this change comes with new information.

What makes it a magazine:

Premium content will be added:

From now on their will be specific articles that are premium, meaning you will have to subscribe to read them. Also they will be available on the Issues we will be releasing.

Exlcusive Interviews will be added:

Just like before their will still be models, photographers, and fashion designers Interview. However some exclusive Interviews will be done which will only be available to those who subscribe to Premium, having access to the magazine.

Fashion, modeling, photography, and lifestyle:

Articles relevant to both the modeling and fashion industry will still be posted.

what makes it a blog:

Free posts about everyday fashion and modeling will still be posted. For your entertainment, and interest in what we both live the most. Topics on them will still be posted for you, to learn, add value, laugh, and communicate with.

From time to time I will be writing things about myself and the experiences I have in the line of fashion as I have decided to do so.

Learning about blogs and Magazines, being a fashion blogger and writing for other fashion magazine such as City People online Fashion Magazine. I have decided to call eoamodeling.com.ng both a blog and a Magazine, a Magazine Blog if you would or anything that sits well with you.

Good contents are coming your way.

Thank you for reading. Kindly Subscribe to this Magazine blog below.


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