Lyron; A new modeling innovation

Good day everyone, how has everything been with you, how has the lockdown treated you.

Here at eoa modeling academy we are happy to announce something new coming into the modeling industry.

As some of you who knows about us will know that eoa modeling academy is more than just an Academy where we trian aspiring models and models alike.

We are also into running our fashion show, integrating technology with morning, running our own blog, currently running our reality show called face of eoa.

We are happy to introduce to you LYRON which is a new modeling innovation we have.

Lyron. A new modeling innovation.

You may be asking what it’s about? What sort of innovation is it? Well to find out you will have to subscribe to our website and also follow @lyroneoa on Instagram, turning on post notifcation to be one of the first people to know about what Lyron is all about 🙂


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