Overcome doubt, fear and laziness with these 3 sentences

Overcoming doubt, fear and laziness with these 3 sentences you are about to find out will help you go a long way in taking action.

Importance of taking action cannot be over emphasized. Not just in modeling alone but in our everyday life.

Often times we wish for something, we want to get something done but at the end of the day we procastinate it simply because of emotions such as fear, doubt, and laziness.

Fear, doubt, and laziness are the most common reasons for people to procastinate things they wish to do, thereby causing a lot of opportunities to fade away.

Most times we even lose the chance of achieving the things we ought to achieve.

In your case it might be a that you wish to become a model but giving excuses why you can’t become one. Or it might be that you are a model but you just not patient enough to keep on working till you have your big break.

Or it could be that you are a fashion designer hoping to making wears which the world will accept and make a lot of fast sales.

It could be you want to start a comic but you don’t know how it’s going to be like so you don’t start at all.

It could be many things. The important thing is for you to keep going and keep moving forward.

In this blog I want give you some points as to how you can overcome: laziness, fears, and doubts.

How I overcome fear, doubts, and laziness


When it comes to fear I tell myself this: “Everything I want is at the other side of fear”

By telling myself that I have more courage and confident to take action towards the very thing that brought about fear.

Anytime I do that, I get good results, feel good about it and then realise later that it was not bad at all, there was nothing to fear only for me to grow more than I am today.

Anytime you have fear when you are about to do something, say what I say to myself Everything I want is at the other side of fear”

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Anytime I have doubt I tell myself this: “Well if it will work, if it won’t, I won’t know till I try. And if it works fine, and if it doesn’t fine as well. It will just be a lesson learnt, which will make me stronger”

Saying this will bring your mind into taking action without worrying much about if your action will give results or not.

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When feeling lazy I tell myself this: “If time passes by, it is gone, I can’t restore it. If I get this done now I will definitely see the results in future time or now”

Saying this too has helped me, because time waits for no man and it keeps moving. Before you know it the end of the year is close by, and you will start asking yourself what you have achieved while seeing others achieving things.

This my blog post of today may seem of topic in line modeling, fashion, lifestyle, and photography. We can’t deny the fact that fear doubt, and laziness also affects us in every areas of our life.

Every model, fashion designer, blogger, entrepreneur, as long as you are human. You need this.

Thank you for reading my blog post so far. It feels good to be back blogging again.

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