Modeling does not give the standard for body types.

Modeling does not give the standard for  body types.
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Modeling does not give the standard for body types.

Based on majority believes of how modeling stating how a person’s body size is not true.

Modeling, fashion, just like every other profession has it’s criteria on how the figure should be. Not making it a general thing for all women or men in the world.

Body sizes and types
A model has a specific body figure he/she is meant to maintain.

A model has a body figure requirements he or she is to obtain for reasons of fashion. To help show the beauty of fashion.

Most importantly, a lot of people think the only type of model there is are Fashion models (models who walk on the runway during fashion shows) but that’s not it at all

There are many types of modeling that even accept different types of body sizes.

For example:

  • Plus size models
  • Commercial models

For so long you may have been believing that it’s the models you see on billboards that are giving the standard of how a body should be. Which is not the case.

Modeling does not give the standard for body types.

You will also agree with me that the models you see spend a lot of time exercising, eating healthy, doing yoga and the likes for them to get the ripped body you see.

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Also many people, due to it their insecurities, inferiority complex, and laziness. They attack the fashion industry for body shamming, giving beauty to a certain type of body type. But such is not the case.

Inadequate understanding of the fashion industry and how it works is what is affecting the mentality people have towards fashion.

They even don’t want to know how it works. They believe the way they see things with the little they hear from others is enough to judge the giant industry of fashion.

To those who understands the message being passed across in this message should know they should try to change their mindset towards the fashion industry and how it has it’s effect on people’s physique.

Be you and do you. Don’t let anything make you feel inferior. You are unique the way you are. There nothing wrong in also working on yourself.

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