JUMIA ONE is giving out free money

You are going to love this.

Begin to Imagine getting 20% cash back out of every money you use to pay for Internet data subscription.
Having to remove the frustration you feel anytime your internet data is about to finish and thinking of how to get the next money to subscribe with.
Having the security of getting money out of the money you use to subscribe.
To good to be true? No it’s not. It’s all possible with the JUMIA ONE application, which gives you 20% upwards cash backs for every money you spend on it, even airtime.


1- Cash backs on every transactions you make. For example: you get 20% cash backs on every airtime you purchase by writing “WELCOME20” as your Voucher code/promo code. You get N1000 cash back on every TV subscriptions you make.

2- You get FREE MONEY of N500 for referring friends to use JUMIA ONE app through your referral link, which can be made possible when you download the app and make a purchase. The FREE money can be used to buy airtime, and make purchases on JUMIA.

3- You stand a chance to win FREE GIFTS every day when you open your JUMIA ONE app.

These are some of the SECRETS why some people never run out of data, get to order for things on JUMIA almost all the time, and more.



1- Click on the link below NOW to download the JUMIA ONE app TODAY.


Enjoy 20% cashback on your first transaction when you enter the code WELCOME20.

2- After downloading and installation. Create an account, and link your bank card details to, or bank information to your payment method.

3- Make a purchase on the app. You can start with buying airtime using the “WELCOME20” as your Voucher code to enjoy 20% cash back on your purchase.

4- After the complete purchase of your airtime you can get to start referring your friends to enable you get FREE MONEY from JUMIA which you can use to make purchase, and buy airtime.
To enjoy all this. Register now today by clicking on the link below.



JUMIA ONE is giving away free money.

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