Fashion is a waste of time?

Fashion is a waste of time?
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“Fashion is a waste of time.” Is the statements I hear from a lot of people from all over the country, especially Nigeria.



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In Nigeria I believe we see fashion as a waste of time because it doesn’t guarantee fast immediate money like having a job in a big company.

Mostly anything that doesn’t make “big money” in a short period of time are mostly referred to as waste if time this days. Not just in Nigeria but also everywhere in the world.

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I have had lot of conversations with many Nigerian youths. What they say mostly regarding fashion and modeling is “fashion is a waste of time” “you don’t make much money from modeling as singing” “there is no money in this modeling of a thing”

I understand where they are coming from. They want or see fashion as a “get rich quick scheme” which requires little or no efforts at all.

Their pride, ego, and ignorance makes them to believe they have everything it takes for modeling agencies to sign them and give them modeling jobs. They only care about the money but not the art of fashion itself.

All this prevents us from seeing that everything is fashion .

The clothes we wear to our secondary school is fashion, the suits bankers wear to their office is fashion, the clothes you wear to impress that girl or boy, to seduce them is fashion, the uniform lawyers, doctors, military all wear are fashion, designed by fashion designers, tailors some like to be called.

We can’t do without fashion just like how we can’t do without food to survive.

Fashion is what we use to express ourselves consciously and sub consciously. A representation of who we are, who we see ourselves to be, and how we want the world to see us.

Banks are now into fashion, Industries are leaning towards fashion. There is:

  • Gtb fashion week.
  • Zenith bank is now into fashion
  • Access bank now interested in fashion.

Banks and other industries showing interest in fashion shows that fashion is definitely not a waste of time.


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We also need to understand that fashion brands and top modeling agencies such as: Adidas, Chanel, Dior, Elite Model and so on, all took decades, years to be where they are today. I have made researches on them, written blog posts about their history, and I know 100% that they didn’t get to where they were overnight nor in the period of one year. They too had failures, ups and downs.

I think one of the problem with start up fashionpreneurs (entrepreneurs who are into fashion) is that they want to make those million bucks immediately. Want their brands to automatically be the next big thing. It is good to act successful, but letting desperation and frustration take advantage can result to negative results.

Fashion is a business, and it should be approached, treated, and seen as such and not as a get rich quick scheme nor as a waste if time.

Knowing why you carry out the actions you take will always help you stay focused, block out the negative opinions, and stay positive.

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