Foods that are bad for your skin

Foods that are bad for your skin are the foods we eat regularly but we have no idea how harmful they are to our skin.

As models, our skin is very important in our field of career, also for good health.


Let us begin.

Fried foods.

Fried foods can cause damage to your skin as a result of eating too many high fat foods. It can have a negative effect internally on circulation.

This can promote skin puffiness.


The diuretic effect of alcohol can wreak havoc on your skin, sucking out the moisture and contributing to a sunken and washed out look.

It does not mean you should stop drinking alcohol completely. It means you should practise moderation with the alcohols you take into your body.

White Rice

White rice is ranking high on the glycemic index which is bad for your skin. Consider enjoying this food along with a higher protein food like chicken, beans to delay digestion time.

Processed Sugar

Too much intake of processed sugar causes inflammation which causes damages to your skin.

Foods that are bad for your skin


Coffee has caffeine, caffeine dehydrates your skin, magnifying the appearance of fine lines. While coffee does contain antioxidants. Too much of it is bad for your skin.

Processed Meats

Eating lots of high fat and high sodium processed meats like salami, and hot dogs will not help with your complexion. Eat meats that have less preservatives, eat in moderation and drink extra water.

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