Facts about model Gigi Hadid

Here are facts about Gigi Hadid you probably never knew. Gigi Hadid is a popular model in the fashion industry loved by many.

I put together some facts about Gigi Hadid for you to know as well. Enjoy!

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1- Her real name is not Gigi

The eldest of Yolanda and Mohammed Hadid, the top model’s real name is Jelena Noura Hadid. Her mother gave her the nickname “Gigi” when she was younger and over the years it stuck.

2- Her modeling career began when she was just two years old

She was spotted by Paul Marciano at the age of two. She later posed for the Baby Guess Campaign.

3- She starred in a reality TV show

Before Gigi Hadid took to New York to begin her modeling career, her mother Yolanda Hadid starred in an American reality TV show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The show was an opportunity for the US public to catch a glimpse of the then model-to-be, right from her sublime Malibu Villa.

4- If she wasn’t a model, she would be….

Passionate about psychology, Gigi Hadid applied for New York University with the ain of becoming a psychic criminologist at the same time as her modeling. She left her studies behind due to a busy schedule as a model.

Facts about Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid on Victoria Secret fashion show 2018

5- She has starred in a string of music videos

From Bad Blood by Taylor Swift to How deep is your love by Calvin Harris, when she’s not walking international runways, Gigi Hadid takes part in numerous music videos, among other things.

6- She has a soft spot for cooking

Regularly sharing her favorite recipes on Instagram (peach, homemade gaucamole and truffle risotto), Gigi Hadid is proud of her passion for cooking. The model even took part in the cooking show Master Chef and her motto is “eat clean to stay fit – have a burger to stay sane”

7- She would have been a high – level athlete

As a player on her high school volleyball team in Malibu, Gigi Hadid took part in the Junior Olympic before becoming a model. Like her sister Bella, she also rode horses at a high level.

8- She’s an expert when it comes to Parisian restaurants

Café de Flore for it’s ham sandwiches, Entrecôte for it’s steak and fries, Ferdi for it’s burgers and kinngawa for it’s sushi these are the food hotspots where she might be found duringfashion week.

9- She is a creative

Facts about Gigi Hadid

With her collaborations it Tommy Hilfiger (Tommy × Gigi) and a sunglasses line, Vogue Eyewear, Gigi Hadid is expanding her fashion influence.

10- She used to play Volleyball at school and was the captain of her team.

11- Her Zodiac Sign is the Taurus

12- Candice Swanepoel is her most favorite super model.

13- The first beauty product she ever owned was a superstay 24hr concealer from Maybeline

14- She first signed with IMG models

15- She stays fit with boxing session

16- Gigi Hadid has appeared in Magazines such as VMAN, Elle, Grazia, Cleo, Vogue, Sports Illustrated, Paper magazine including Schon Magazine.

17- Rihanna is her girl crush

18- She loves to make up songs on the shower

19- One thing she has to have at a shoot is chips and guacamole

20- She usually goes to bed at midnight

21- The longest she has ever gone without her phone was two weeks for a horse camp

22- Gigi has her very own Barbie doll

23- Her favorite memory of her childhood is spending all her time with her horses.

24- She has different alter egos she uses for different shoots.

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