Common mistakes models make

A lot of aspiring models make this mistakes a lot, they don’t even know they are mistakes. And these mistakes are made as a result of ignorance, wrong teachings and arrogance of the models. Later on in their careers they learn about these mistakes, stop them, and start doing things the right way.

I have also been a victim of making common mistakes in the modeling industry all because I was given the wrong information about how modeling works, and my own arrogance that I knew it all. Later one I learnt better through self education, meeting top models far ahead of me, and the frustration of not having the lifestyle top models were having.

You might be wondering, what mistakes do models make? Don’t worry it will all be explain right here only on and chances are you too are making those mistakes.


1- You don’t need education or training on modeling to become a model.

So many people believe as long as they have the good looks, tall, and do a shoot with a photographer means they are models. Well unfortunately that’s not how it works. For you to become a model you need to go through a school for models or an academy where you will be trained by professional models who know what they are doing. Teaching you the right way into the modeling industry and how it works. You are not a model simply because you look good or did one or two photoshoots for a photographer or anything. Do you know how to charge them for them using you? Do you know the type of model you are? Do you know the right of models? Do you even know how to pose and the meaning behind photoshoots? Do you even know how to walk like a model to make you stand out?

2- Someone somewhere will find me, scout me, and offer me jobs without me doing anything.

Dose the statement above sound familiar? That’s right you are guilty of these because of the arrogance you have as a model. There is a different between knowing your worth and being an arrogant person. No one likes arrogant people because they feel they have it all, know it all, and are the most important people in the world. But do you know what humbles them? Life humbles them because they will begin to realise that those they thought they were better than are actually moving forward in the modeling industry, their various lifes. And they are still where they are. No one will find you, scout you if you do nothing at all to show the world you are a model.

Going to an academy, doing of Polaroids shoots, sending them to agencies, going for fashion shows, going for casting calls. Those are ways you get noticed by agencies, brands, for them to become interested in you. Not by you doing nothing.

3- Let me do modeling jobs for publicity and not get paid.

Don’t do a free modeling job. I have been a victim of this myself. You need to understand that modeling is a job, career, it’s a business. And what is the main reason behind every business? To make profit.

Think about it. You spent money to become a model by going to a modeling academy, you spent money in taking of Polaroids, you spent money on yourself to be the model you are today, only for someone to come and offer a free job to you with the words of “You are using it to promote yourself so people will know you as a model, for publicity.” All those are bullshit. The fact they came to you means you are a model who can showcase their brands the way they want it, also you have publicity enough.

Think about it. All the top models you see today Mayowa Nicholas, Davidson Obennebo, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Naomi Campbell etc.. If that is how they were doing free jobs do you think they will be were they are today?

The downside to this is once you offer a free trail to anyone, they won’t want to pay any longer because they got you for free in the first place.

4- Attitude and behavior.

The attitude and behavior models give towards modeling also matters. Lazy attitude of models towards modeling is a big mistake many models especially aspiring models make towards modeling. It affects their progress and no one will want to work with models who are not serious with their career. Because if you are not serious with being a model, how will you be serious with another person’s business?

  • You can’t be desperate and be a model
  • You can’t be lazy and be a model
  • You can’t be in your comfort zone and be a model
  • You can’t be rude and be a model.

Punctuality as well is key to being a model.

5- Doing bad photoshoots or having bad digital shoots.

So many aspiring models are guilty of this. One thing you should know is that as a model you don’t work with all photographers. You look for the fashion photographers. Photographers with good quality who can give your shoots the model look and quality. Many usually don’t listen to this advice because they feel they know it all, because of their pride, arrogance and end up using poor quality photographers who eventually give them poor quality shoots which makes the models look unprofessional. Agencies will not scout models with poor quality digital shoots.

6- lack of Patience.

Many models do not exercise patience in the modeling industry. They believe once they go through a school or they believe they have the looks, they should be booked immediately for jobs, fashion designers calling them here and there to model for them. Well it’s like gaining admission into the university to learn Accounting, while in your year 1 you start expecting big companies to look for you to offer you an accounting job. Does it make sense or work like that? No it doesn’t at all. Same for modeling. You are still a student, still young in the industry that you have lots of things to learn, and experiences to gather.

All the points I have listed out are sure to have covered all the common mistakes made by models.

And it’s with this mistakes that produces people who think they are models.

There is a difference between those who are models and those who think they are models. If you want to be a model, then stop making these common mistakes.

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