The SIREN episode 5


episode 5


Tobi and his family with Mr Adeniyi, his crew, models, uches and his ex Adetutu all had a safe journey to London, England.

They booked an hotel in London named The Royal Hotel. Tobi with his mum, sister took a room, Uche and Adetutu stayed in a separate room. Mr Adeniyi stayed alone in his room, while his crew and models stayed in another room. They were all unpacking and settling down, resting from the long trip while they waited for the room service they had requested for.

“I am going out” says Tobi as he leaves the room wearing a black vanz sneakers, with black adidas sweat pants and a yellow naruto hoodie.

“Okay make sure you are safe, we just got here, don’t walk too far from the hotel!” Replies his mum. Tobi waves at her as he walks down the hallway.

Tobi gets down to the reception as he spots a beautiful blonde hair girl sitting down reading a Vogue Paris magazine. Her legs crossed, wearing a white sneakers with blue jeans and a white T-shirt. Tobi walks up to her.

“Vogue Paris! Not what I would be expecting anyone to read giving the circumstance that London fashion show is weeks from now” Tobi says to the blonde girl as he walks up to her.

The girl looks up to who was speaking to her and looks at the magazine and says “Well how does the change in environment influence what type of magazine I read? Magazines are magazines.” She replied.

“Mind my manners. It’s just that I like meeting fellow models such as myself from around the world.” Tobi replies.

“You are a model?” she asks.

“Yes I am.” Tobi answers. “Hi, I’m Tobi.” He continue.

“I’m Samantha.” She says.

Tobi: Samantha, it’s nice to meet you. Are you also here for the fashion show?

Samantha: Yes I am. And how did you know?

Tobi: Same reason you didn’t question me when I said in was one.

Samantha: oh, alright. You do look like one.

Tobi: Yeah, so are you walking on the runway?

Samantha: Yes I am. You too I guess?

Tobi: Yes. So what brings you to this hotel reading a vogue magazine all by yourself?

Samantha: Well I just checked in because I came all the way from America to walk on the show, but nothing to do so I just came here to read.

Tobi: Samantha can we go out for a walk because I am bored as well.a

Tobi and Samantha walk outside together. They stay by the waterfall in front of the hotel.

Samantha: it’s really horrible what is happening here in England lately. The killings, and just weeks before the fashion show. And now the police are saying they are an assassin organization called The Pink Jasmine.

Tobi: wow! You are really updated.

Tobi looking at her realising she has blue eyes. He begins to feel his heartbeat rising. The desire to sleep with her and the comfort he is getting from her company brings nothing but confusion to his mind and body.

Samantha: Well one has to be up to date with the latest happenings. You can’t be too careful. (She pauses for some seconds) the men who were bankrupt and killer by this mysterious woman. I feel for their families.

Tobi: Yeah me too. (He tries not to tell her much about him)

Samantha: anyways what about you? I have been talking about myself and what is happening so far. I want to know you more Tobi.

Tobi: Well there is not much to know actually. Just a guy who is going to walk the runway, and happy I get to meet a fellow fashion model like myself (he says with a smile)

Samantha: Well I am not buying that at all. There is more to you. I know it…..

As she kept on talking, Tobi could not help himself but smile as he was having a nice time having a conversation with her. It could be because he doesn’t have strong desires to sleep with her, and he is getting his mind off the fact that his ex who he clearly still has feelings for is around with him during this trip.

“I am Here Miss Agatha.” Says The Siren as she walks into her office.

Miss Agatha: well done so far Siren. You helped pave way for me to take over those agencies from those men who just use their female models as they please.

Siren: The fashion show is in weeks from now. I am already getting prepared to meet my next target Mr Adeniyi.

Miss Agatha: Be careful Siren. Adeniyi is not like the rest of the men you have had encounters with. He has his ways with women.

Siren: I understand. During the models reversals I will go and me…..

Miss Agatha: I was once under an agency for only girls. And all what the owner with the photographer did was to have sex with us. Have his ways with us. Rape us, all because we wanted the limelight of being known as models. Until I planned their deaths and took over their agency which is what you know as Param modeling Agency today. And also I became the leader of The Pink Jasmine. I am telling you that Adeniyi is a man to be feared because he was the one who taught and trained those men who raped me. Do you understand Siren?

Siren: Yes I understand.

Miss Agatha: And no one must know who you are and the sleeper cells we have around the industry until our plans are accomplished. Then we will bring a revolution to the fashion industry where only women rule.

To be continued in episode 6:

The Sex Killers.

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