The SIREN episode 4

Episode 4
The broken flower that started it all.

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Introduction: a mysterious woman goes about destroying the life of top fashion icons in the world. She is unknown as everywhere she goes she leaves a trail of blood behind. She has an innocent face but a seductive body. But what happens when she meets a man with an innocent face but a seductive mind?

Written by Elegushi Oluwaseun Adeniyi.

The SIREN Characters:
Miss Agatha: A dark complexion woman who is heavily endowed. The CEO of Param modeling Agency for only girls.

“Come in” says a female voice.
Five men enters an office where a woman isnsitted behind a desk. The men wearing corporate bespoke wears all in blue colour, as they place a document on her table.

“Well the documents are finally legalised” says the man in the middle of the five men.

“To bad for the incident that occurred to both Mr Williams and Mr Lanre. Now you can take possession of their modeling business Miss Agatha.” He continues as he referred to the woman sitting.

“Well yes.” Miss Agatha replies. “It’s more like a bitter sweet thing if I am to say.” She continues.

“And why would you say that?” Asked the man in the middle.

“Because these men are not innocent really, they kind of have this coming to them.” She says.
The men looking at her surprised at her words.

“But the reason you bought their modeling agencies was so that to ensure that their works does not fall into the wrong hands?” Asked the man in the middle.

“No.” She replies. “They are both known to take advantage of their female models. Lanre sleeps with his female models promising them high paying contracts, while Williams uses his own female models for sex slaves to top drug lords as a means of payment for the drugs he purchases which he eventually sells and makes his millions.” She concludes.
The men all puzzled by what Agatha had just said.

“Anyways” Agatha says as she picks up the documents on her desk. “No one really knows about all this but they will come to light soon, all I have to do is to keep buying their business when they go bankrupt.” She continues.

“Yes speaking of which” says another of the five men. “I hear it’s one mysterious woman who is responsible for all this.” She concludes.

“No, I heard it’s an assassin group called ‘The Pink Jasmine’ as Mr Korede said” replied another.
The five men kept arguing while Agatha looked through the files in the documents and returned them.

“Where is Korede?” Agatha asked.

“He is at the police station as we speak.” Replied the man in the middle.
“Good, it means he exposing those responsible for the incidents, we have to ensure maximum security during the fashion show.” Agatha says. “You are all excused now”

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While on the plane to England. Tobi trying to read a magazine on the plane to help him not to focus on the fact that his ex Adetutu was sitting opposite him. But his efforts fail as he keeps reliving the memories they once shared.

“This is stupid” Tobi says in his thoughts. “I need to know why exactly she is here”.

“Adetutu!” Tobi calls to her.
Adetutu looks towards Tobi who was signalling to her to come sit right beside him which she did.

“Why are you here?” Tobi asks her.
Adetutu giving a thinking face..

“No don’t give me that face at all!” Tobi says in annoyance. “First I hear you still talk to my friends, next thing is you made Uche to give you the ticket or should I say visa which I gave him for his little sister, to come along with us to England, and now you see me and you don’t even say hi or even acknowledge that I paid for the Visa you are using, and I have no idea whatsoever why exactly you would want to tag along knowing fully well I will also be present?” Tobi asks.

“First of, you told Uche to tell me not to come see you or talk to you…” Replies Adetutu as Tobi cuts her.

“You see this is why I don’t like talking to you. You only try to see the parts that makes you look like a good girl don’t you?” Asks Tobi.

“Why can’t you let go of the past?” Adetutu asks.

“You are still the same, please leave my side” says Tobi as he faces the Magazine he was initially reading.
Adetutu looks at Tobi for some seconds and then leaves to sit in her original sit.

Later that evening Agatha gets home to her mansion. Inside is a man waiting for her.

“Korede” Agatha says.

“You are back” Korede replies.

“How was the police station?”

“It was fine, gave them all the information they needed.”

“That’s good. Let things fall into place”

“Very soon everything will go according as planned”

“Yes” Agatha says as she yawns and stretches after a stressful day.

“Why don’t you go and change I have a surprise waiting for you upstairs in the bedroom” Korede says with a smile.
Agatha looks at him with a smile and heads to her room. Korede goes upstairs to the bedroom.
Minutes later Agatha gets upstairs to the room wearing a transparent night gown showing her breasts and the pink panties she is wearing. Korede lying on the bed. Beside him is a big two layers white cake.

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“What’s this?” Agatha asked as she moves and sits on the bed.
Korede crawls towards her on the bed and kisses her lip “shh, you talk too much.” He whispers. He continues to French kiss her as he puts her in a lying position on the bed. Softly rubs her breasts, slowly moves his head down to kiss her neck, down to her breast to her laps. Slowly he removes her night gown then goes down to remove her panties with his teeth, leaving her completely naked. He then raises her right leg to kiss her thigh close to her vagina. He then gets up too take some of the cake’s white icing and softly rubs it on her vagina in an anti clockwise motion, up and down with his two eight fingers. After he is done he licks the remaining icing off his fingers and reached for a bottle filled with honey. He begins to pour the honey on her vagina and moves the bottle slowly as the honey is still pouring up to her belly button up to her two breasts as he poured the honey on the nipples of her breasts in an anti clockwise motion. He returns the bottle after he is done and goes down to begin licking her vagina filled with cake icing and honey. Softly and slowly licking the surface of her vagina, with his left thumb playing with her clitoris, gently his tongue enters into her vagina as he gets a taste of her inner world. The sweet taste of her righteous mixed with the taste of icing and honey, he could not stop giving her head. But he knows he has more satisfaction to give her that night. He then moves his tongue up from her vagina to her belly button to the middle of her breasts and turns his tongue to her left breast, licking off all the honey he had poured on it with the tip of his tongue, but when he got to her nipples he gives it a gently suck then he moves and does the same to her right breast. Once he is done he moves up to kiss her while giving her breasts soft gently press with his arms, and soft nipple rubbing, then inserts his penis into her vagina and then begins to make love to her. He moves in and out of a her slowly as he looks at her in the eye to show the love he has for her was passionate and deep. Gradually he increases his tempo reaches her clitoris with his left thumb, rubbing it vigorously. Leans over to her ears and whispers “Happy birthday.”

To be continued
Episode 5
She screams the delight of her righteous.

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