The SIREN episode 3

Episode 3


“Officer Dan. These men are looking for you.” Says the male officer who attended to the three men who wanted to see the head of the police department. The commissioner.

“Who are they?” Asks officer Dan to the officer as he was just entering the police department.

“We are here to solve your problem of the recent killings” replied one of the three men who were accompanied inside. “My name is Korede, and with me are my two coworkers, James and Fabian.” He continues.

“And how can you be of help to us? Which killings are you talking about?”. Asked officer Dan.

“I am talking about the recent killing of Mr William in the hotel room and the bankruptcy of Mr Lanre” replied Korede.
Officer Dan looks at them and signals to them “come, let’s let’s talk better in my office.”

They went into Officer Dan’s office.
“You said something about female assassins and how they are connected to the Pink Jasmine. I will like to know more and how you got those information.” Asked Officer Dan.

“Well it could be because I am the personal assistant of the owner of Param modeling agency. And she was able to get information about the recent killings that they are carried out by female models gone rogue, seeking revenge on those who have wronged them in time past.” Korede says.

“The owner of Param models!?” Cries officer Dan surprised. “Female models out for revenge?” He continues as he smiles in disbelief. “Even if they were true, you working for the owner of Param models who is…well.. Miss Agatha. It is Miss Agatha right? Because she is popular….and ermm what would make models become assassins killing people? And what revenge are they after?” Asked officer Dan.

“What we know is me at the top of the fashion industry are their target. We came to you to inform you so you can help us ensure a tighter security in the upcoming fashion show. To also help us inform other coming from all over the world to London for the fashion show to be of high alert.” Says Korede. “Can you do that for us officer?” He asks.
Officer Dan looks at the three of them, not knowing what to make of the information he had just received.

“Can you tell me more about this assassin group ermmm Mr Korede?” Ask Officer Dan.

“I don’t want trouble okay, better let your friend know not to try and annoy me during this trip.” Says Tobi to Uche as they were both in the airport about to board the plane going to London along with Tobi’s mother and sister, and Mr Adeniyi with his fellow team and models to walk on the fashion show. And of course Adetutu, Tobi’s ex.

“Very well Tobi, I will tell Adetutu what you just told me.” Uche replies. “Seriously you guys are acting weird to one another” he says laughing. “Hey Adetutu!” Uche calls out as he walks towards Adetutu, and starts a conversation with her.
Adetutu is a white skinned female. Her skin is just as white, her hair is black and long reaching the middle back of her body, her lips red and her wide black eyes which tells someone to be curious. She is wearing a black jean with vanz sneakers. A white plain T-shirt, and around her neck is a Nikon digital camera taking pictures of the airport.
Tobi looking both Uche and Adetutu as they smile together as they talk to themselves. Tobi could not help but think to himself “what exactly is going on here?”.
They are all in the plane as it was about to take off. Tobi, Sewa, his mother, Uche, Adetutu, Mr Adeniyi, with his team and models. All in the first class.

“Nice to see you again Tutu. It’s been awhile dear.” Says Mr Adeniyi to Adetutu as they sit waiting for their meals brought to them. “Why are you going for the fashion show?” He asks.

“Well I would love tonyake some shots of the fashion show, and also of London. Would like to take some foreign pictures. Tired of shooting in Nigeria alone.” Adetutu replies.

“Oh is that right?” Says Mr Adeniyi with a smile. “Well aside from my models walking on the show exhibiting my latest designs. I have been asked to write a poem for the fashion show.” He continues.

“Really?” Replies Adetutu in excitement.

“Well yes. Models have talents other than the things of fashion you know. But the beauty is mixing fashion with them.” He says with a smile again.

“So what is your poem going to be about?” Adetutu asks.

“Well the title of my poem is ‘When love kissed lust goodbye’ because another reason I am going to London is to find my true love” says Mr Adeniyi.

“Really? You don’t strike me as a man who finds it difficult to find a woman.” Says Adetutu.

“Well young blood” replies Mr Adeniyi. “It’s easy to find a woman, but it’s hard to find love.” He continues.

“Guess there are a lot of things we are looking for in this fashion show aside from exhibiting clothes.” Says Adetutu.
Tobi over hearing their conversation could not but help having his unresolved feelings towards Adetutu, and repressed memoeris flashing forth his eyes. But eventually he had to focus on his main objective as to why he wanted to go to the fashion show so badly. Because of the woman who bankrupted his uncle Lanre of his fortune and business. He just could not shake the feeling that it’s more than what he expects that will be waiting for him in London.

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