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Episode 2


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Introduction: a mysterious woman goes about destroying the life of top fashion icons in the world. She is unknown as everywhere she goes she leaves a trail of blood behind. She has an innocent face but a seductive body. But what happens when she meets a man with an innocent face but a seductive mind?

Written by Elegushi Oluwaseun Adeniyi.

“Tobi! Tobi!! Come save me!!… me!!!” shouts a female voice.

Tobi in the dead of night, looking around whose voice was speaking he did not know.

“Tobi come save me” is what he kept hearing ” I am here!! Who are you? Where are you calling me from? I can’t see anything” Tobi yelled as he kept moving about in deep darkness.
He keeps looking around. Then a lighting struck,the light revealing where he was as he saw a tree. Under the tree was the figure of the back view of a girl, sitting on one of the branches wearing a white night gown and has a long black hair.
Tobi begins to walk towards her. “Hey, are you the girl calling out to me!” Another lightening struck.

“Ahh!!!” Screams Tobi as he gets up from his bed waking up from his sleep.
Tobi begins to breathe heavily, then later slows down and stops. Places his hands over his forehead. “It’s just a dream” he says with relief. “But who is the girl calling out to me for help?” He asks.
That morning Tobi goes to see Mr Adeniyi at his office. He enters a three story building with a glass door. On the building is a big logo writing in blue colour “RB”.
Tobi walks in, sees models walking about, some were in a photoshoot session, others practicing their catwalk for the fashion show coming up in England.

” Young blood” says a voice, as Tobi looks around to who called him, he smiled to know that it was Mr Adeniyi. “Mr Adeniyi” says Tobi with much excitement. “I have told you, call me Adeniyi” Mr Adeniyi responds.
Mr Adeniyi hugs Tobi, and welcomed him with a smile. Mr Adeniyi is a fair complexion man with beards. Slightly taller than Tobi. He is the founded and CEO of RB MODELING AGENCY.

“I just finished a meeting with my team. We were discussing on the preparations for the fashion show” he says as he takes Tobi upstairs. “Also the fact that two big fashion icons are dead weeks before, making us to put some security measures in place for us and our models we are taking to England” he continues as they got upstairs. The place was mostly full of tailors, bespoke wears and hip hop feminine wears.

“But sadly not all our models are following us to England because a some of them have let themselves go, now they don’t have good skin or they have forgotten how to walk. And there is no time to start training them all over again” Mr Adeniyi says as he signals to one of the tailors.

“By the way young blood, I have a suit I want you to try on which you will be wearing when you walk on the fashion show” says Mr Adeniyi as he and one other man who he signaled to places Tobi on a high stand, undress him and begin to dress him up with the suit.

“I did not see Uche with you. Hope he is alright?” Asked Mr Adeniyi.

“He is. I am just angry with him. I should have called him before coming here. We were planning on seeing you together.” Replied Tobi.

“So what happened?” Asked Mr Adeniyi. “What did he do to get you upset?” He continues.

“He invited Adetutu to tag along for the ride to England. Saying she is his friend and she will like to take some shots of the fashion show” says Tobi.

“Ahh” Mr Adeniyi says with a smile. “You don’t like your exes being around you right?”

“It’s not that. I just feel something is up. And yes being around your ex will bring about unresolved things. I don’t want to be remembered of those things by looking at her” says Tobi.

“Sounds to me that you are not over Tutu. And I think the same of her because after your break up she became close to all your friends. Even me, frequently and occasionally chatting me up.” says Mr Adeniyi. “But never asks of you” he says to Tobi with a big grin on his face.

“You see, all the more reason why I don’t like this Idea of her coming around” Tobi cries with annoyance.

“This shouldn’t be something you need to worry about” Mr Adeniyi says as he and the other person are through dressing Tobi up. Moves back to take some pictures of Tobi with his phone. “What you young bloods call a relationship is nothing more than just an unofficial agreement to be with one another with the illusion that the person is the one for you. Even those who are married get divorced, yet they say to themselves ‘I love you’ everyday. If people really love themselves, they won’t leave the person they claim to be in love with no matter what.” Mr Adeniyi says as he moves closer to Tobi. “Remember, women love attention, it doesn’t matter to them who they get it from. And if I was spending a lot of my time thinking about women. I won’t have built RB empire. Think about it.” He concludes his words as he dusts the suits on Tobi.

Tobi thought about the words Mr Adeniyi told him. After all that is mostly the reason he wanted to see him. He learnt almost everything from Mr Adeniyi. If only he only knew that Adetutu was not who Tobi was thinking about, but the girl in his dreams.

At an unknown place in a plain white room. The room has a big round table having an inscribed symbol of a Jasmine flower in colour pink. With big white chairs around and a big TV screen in front of it. Sitted on the round table are two women opposite each other. One is the woman who killed Mr Williams with her sniper riffle, still wearing her army clothes. The other, the woman who picked up the siren from the hotel. Both of them saying nothing to themselves. The TV screen comes up showing the pink Jasmine symbol.

“Where is the siren?” Asks a feminine voice from the TV screen.

“She really slept in. She was still sleeping even after I woke her up. She should be here shortly I hope.” Says the woman in ancient Rome gown.

“Thank you Toyin” says the voice from the TV screen. “A job well done Mira. You and your fellow assassins did well”.

“Psst” says the woman in army wear whose name is Mira. “It was nothing” she says in a cocky way as she smiles.

“Sorry I’m late” says a low cool childish female voice as she walks into the room.

“Oh…so you are finally awake siren” says Toyin in a voice one will say a woman is trying to seduce a man.

“Sleepy head” says Mira.
Siren slowly sits herself down with the rest at the round table. Sitting close to Mira.

“I needed my beauty sleep” said the siren.
She was wearing nothing but a robe. A 5feet 11 inches tall woman. Her skin is white as snow. Her lips naturally red. Black eyes with a very natural long black hair reaching her waist. From head to toe she has no skin blemish nor any facial blemish, pimples or wrinkles. Her face appearing innocent like that of a young teenage girl. She appears as those they would mistake for a beautiful fallen angels. She is very endowed. Her breasts are as big as watermelons, her butt as big, curvy and firm as those of mythical women you see in Greek mythologies.

“Nice work siren” says the voice from the TV screen. “Hope you are prepared for your next mission?”

“Yes I am” Siren replies.
The TV screen shows up an Image. The image is Mr Adeniyi.

“This is Mr Adeniyi. He is the founder of RB empire. RB is divided into fashion, modeling, real estate, book production, restaurants.” Says the voice on the TV.

“Woah…big man must be busy” Mira says in astonishment.

“RB is not just a fashion brand. It cuts across virtually anything you can think of.” Replies the voice from the TV.

“So why are we after him?” Asked the siren. “He has done nothing wrong”. She concludes.

“That has not been made public siren” Toyin responds to her. “For him to be a target he must have skeletons in his closets.” She continues.

“It has not been discovered yet. But some of our sources in Nigeria are giving us hints that he too may be involved in the illegal business which we are strongly against.” Replies the Voice from the TV screen. “Siren you are to meet with him during the preparation for the fashion show. You will disguise as one of the make up artists to make up for models for an agency. Your mission is to know more about him and confirm if the rumors are true. And if they are we will join him with the rest. So far no one knows who you are as a result of your skills in hiding your identity. You can go about openly. Meet me at the usual place to get properly prepared and equipped. That is all”

“Okay” replies siren.

“What about our new recruit Toyin? Is she ready?” Asked the Voice from the TV screen.

“Yes she is. She is ready for her first mission” answers Toyin.

“Good..she will join the others to meet with the other men, as we have discussed.”

“Of course” replies Toyin.

“That will be all everyone” says the voice from the TV screen as the TV goes off.
The siren stands up to take her leave.

“Be careful” says Mira to siren.
Siren stops to hear what Mira has to say.

“This Mr Adeniyi guy. He is not like the rest of the men. I hear he is a poet who knows his ways to a woman’s heart…”. Mira continues.

“And I am the siren. ” siren replies. “No one sees me and takes their eyes away. I have dealt with the worst of men. A poet should not be my problem. Most of them if not all are hopeless romantics.” Says the siren as she leaves the room.

Mira keeps looking at her with eyes of concern. Turn over to Toyin who is sitting opposite her.

“You have heard about him too, haven’t you?” Mira asks Toyin.
Toyin seated smiling with her eyes closed, opens them to look at Mira.

“One of my girls was his victim.” She answers Mira.

At the police station in England. A female officer walks in with three men.

“Officer, these men said they want to see our boss.” She says to another fellow officer who was drinking his coffee.

“What for?” Asked the male officer.

“To talk about the pink jasmine” one of the men answers.

“What about them?” The officer asks.

“They are a group of female assassins. And I have reasons to believe that they are more than just assassins, and planning to kill another person very soon. The faster you get us to your boss the better. And who knows we will be able to save a life, right officer?” Says the same man from the three men brought in.

To be continued in episodes 3
Episode 3 : Into the shadows.
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