Episode 1:

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Introduction: a mysterious woman goes about destroying the life of top fashion icons in the world. She is unknown as everywhere she goes she leaves a trail of blood behind. She has an innocent face but a seductive body. But what happens when she meets a man with an innocent face but a seductive mind?

Written by Elegushi Oluwaseun Adeniyi.

“Define love”
“Huhhhhhh? Was there ever a definition to love?”

“Tobi concentrate, you are in a therapy session”, says the female psychologist as she sits on her leather cushion single chair. Her office quiet spacious, no office desk like the typical corporate offices. Only her leather cushion single chair, a small wooden table where she places her documents and writing materials, a wall clock, a water despenser and a three sitter facing her front which is backing her wide open window where her clients sit when she is giving her psycho therapy session. She is wearing a short black skirt which brings out her curves and a corporate white shirt with rolled up sleeves, the shirt was buttoned only half way showing her busty cleavage. Wearing transparent glasses with her long black hair all packed to the back, wearing high heels, she tries to get her client Tobi’s concentration.

“Why should I concentrate when I am brought here against my will?” Says Tobi, the 22 years old yellow skin coloured male. A recent graduate from the university, the department of psychology. A model, fashion designer, a creative. Dark hair, brown eyes. And despite his age he has a babyish face. Wearing a casual shirt with denim jeans and a sneakers.

“Would you say you being a model is what may be influencing your action?” Asked the psychologist.

“I don’t think there is anything wrong in a man desiring to have sex with a woman. It’s nature, not about my career”, Tobi replies with an expression of frustration.

“Then why are you here today in this office if you…”

“I am here because my mum brought me here” says Tobi as he cuts the psychologist from completing her statement. “I don’t know why having sex is a problem”

“It is if it is too much, with different women” says the psychologist.

“How is that a problem? Sex is sweet”

“Don’t you” she takes off her glasses and places it on the table beside her. “Ever wish to be with a woman for love and not sex?”

“I believe love is a manipulative word used to make people stay in our life’s” says Tobi as he leans up to rest his back on the three sitter cushion, looking straight into the psychologist eyes. “Besides if there is such a thing as love, will it be from a girl?”

“Are you saying that no girl has ever loved you so you feel the best way to revenge is to have sex with any girl that moves?” Asked the psychologist.

“Oh no! I have standards as to the girls I fuck, but loving on the other hand with what I have experienced I doubt” Tobi says.
“ you think you know what love is?” Asked the psychologist.

“I know it’s bullshit” Tobi replies.

“Define love” asked the psychologist.

“Huhhhhhh..was there ever a definition to love?” Replied Tobi.
The psychologist gives a big sigh and then looks at Tobi.

“Why don’t you have sex with just one woman?” She says.
“Because I don’t want to” Tobi replies.

“You have to stop, you can’t keep doing that”

“Why can’t I? It’s a free world so I can do whatever I like” Tobi replies

“So you can’t have a relationship with one of the girls you have sex with”

“Yes I can’t” Tobi replies.

“And why is that?”

“Because I have not seen any girl I like or met my criteria” Tobi replies.

“And what type of girl will that be?”

“A girl who is smart, non materialistic, just wants me for me, not for something else. Whose mind is deep like mine, fair, beautiful, busty, tall, natural beauty. A girl who doesn’t demand you to stay or have entitlement issues” Tobi paused for a while.

“Look” Tobi continues. “I can go on and on but the fact is what we call love, I see it as more than a feeling. It is a fact a conscious state of mind, a choice. I have not seen any girl who is up to my standard or gives me that challenge, because most girls are easy for me to get. I need a challenge once in a while, but now I get bored with the type of girls I meet. I studied psychology in the university and women psychology in my spare time so when it comes to women I know quite well. Please can I leave this therapy now!?” Tobi speaks out in anger and frustration as he didn’t want to be there in the first place.

“Okay” says the psychologist. “You can go now” she continues, as she sensed the discomfort coming off the young man.
Tobi leaves the psychologist office and heads on home angry and frustrated as he had warned his mum against her suggesting a psycho therapy session for him based on his insatiable desire to have sex with a woman and the lack of emotional feelings towards them.

“I am home” says Tobi as he walks into his Duplex house located in Banana Island in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. He lives with his single mum and his younger sister

“Welcome back big brother” says his little sister who was watching TV in the living room. She is just as yellow skin coloured as Tobi is with dark black hair with brown eyes. More like Tobi’s female version or look alike. And 15 years of age.

“Oh thank you Sewa” Tobi says calmly. He sees his mum standing in the kitchen talking to someone over the phone. Tobi decides to go upstairs to his room.

“Big brother how was the therapy?” Sewa asked watching Tobi going up the stairs. He just waved back at Sewa.

“Oh my God!!” Screamed their mum.
Tobi quickly rushes downstairs to know what made his mum scream, even though he was not happy with her at the moment. Sewa also runs to meet her mum in the kitchen who had been on the phone for a while.

“What happen mummy?” Sewa asked concerned.

“Hope nothing is the problem? You screamed. What happened?” Asked Tobi as he was entering the kitchen.
Their mum with both hands covering her face, then later her hands raking through her hair and face “how is it possible?” She says as if she was asking herself and not recognising her children in front of her.

“Mum!” Yells Tobi.
Her attention is caught and realises her children in front of her with faces of concern.

“Oh my babies. Okay” she takes a deep breath. “Your uncle Lanre, he is bankrupt.”

“What?” Tobi asked surprised. “He is a multi billionaire how could he have gone bankrupt!?”

“I don’t know. I was told that he was duped by a woman he had an affair with”

“An affair?” Asked Tobi as he begins to smile, becoming excited and his mood brighting up “well that is uncle Lanre for you. My man” he continues as he gives a big wide smile.

“Tobi, this is not something to smile about, it’s not funny at all. Your uncle’s life work has been swept away by an unknown love affair. How is that funny? And have you forgotten he is the one that is going to help you for the fashion show coming in two weeks time in England” says his mum with the face of disappointment and annoyance.

“Well not to worry. I am also under Mr Adeniyi’s ‘RB MODELING AGENCY’ so if uncle Lanre’s ‘ORION MODELING AGENCY’ goes bankrupt, Mr Adeniyi gat me” says Tobi gleefully “But for real do they know the woman responsible for this?”

“I don’t know, no one does, and uncle Lanre is too shocked to even reveal who she is to anybody. He is currently with the police in England because that is where he went to meet the woman”

“Because that is where the fashion show is holding. All the top fashion brands and top modeling agency models are going to be there. He must have gone this early to prepare for the fashion show with his models” says Sewa.

Tobi: “and he got bankrupt instead by a mysterious woman, who I am interested to find out who she is, maybe she is just the woman I am looking for?” He says excitedly.

“Why would you say that?” Asked his mum.

Tobi: “because as intelligent as uncle Lanre is he got duped by a woman, which makes her highly intelligent, and that is the type of woman I am after”

His mum just looks at him speechless, and just try to pretend she didn’t hear anything.

“Anyways, let’s start parking our bags. We are traveling to England this weekend, we can’t wait till next week anymore because of what just happened” says their mum as she left them in the kitchen towards her room which is downstairs.

“Alright” they both say with excitement.

“That means I have to go see Mr Adeniyi, and also call Uche” says Tobi as he reaches for his iPhone Xmax and calls his friend Uche “heyy Uche what’s up let’s meet up at Ikeja city mall later this evening, yeah, yeah ,yeah, yeah, and then we go see Mr Adeniyi, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, okay cool. Bye” Tobi hangs up the call.

Sewa: “I want to also go an see Mr Adeniyi”

Tobi: “Sorry lil sis, you can’t follow me this evening, you will see him when we all go to the airport together but first..”

Sewa: “just say you want to go and fuck”

Tobi: “You are very smart” he says while heading to the door to leave the house.
After he left his house. Tobi headed straight for the house opposite his own and pressed the door bell. A girl opens the door. She is fair in complexion, brown eyes and short hair like a boy’s own. She was wearing a white gown with a picture of a rose flower boldly printed on it.

“Hello Rose” says Tobi with a smile, his eyes gazing straight into her own.

“What took you so long? Texted you a long time that I wanted to see you”

Tobi enters the house “sorry, had to attend that therapy my mum booked for me” he says.

Rose: “and how was it?”

Tobi: “ehh..just there”

Rose: “why were you in a therapy anyways?”

Tobi: “because of the issues between my mum and I that’s all, nothing serious to worry about”

Rose: “okay” she sits Tobi down in one of the chairs in the living room. Sits on his laps and reaches down to kiss him on his lips.
Tobi then moved his hands up her laps close to her vagina. As he was french kissing Rose, he removed his mouth to whisper to her ears “let’s go upstairs”. Both of them went upstairs to Rose’s room. They got inside. Tobi lays on the bed as Rose climbs on top of him. They begin to French kiss with Rose taking off the clothes on Tobi one by one. Tobi moves his hands up her laps to her vagina and finds out she is not wearing any pants. The heat of her pussy was turn him on. He moves his right arm around the sparsely hairy vagina, with his thumb softly rubbing her clitoris ” uhoouh” Rose moans as she feels the contact of his thumbs on her clits, with his other fingers softly rubbing and penetrating her pussy hole. Tobi was already naked but Rose still had her gown on. Tobi wanted it that way since she was wearing neither pants nor bra as he later discovered. He kept fingering her and kissing Her the same time. He turns her over, this time he is on top of her, pulls up her gown and reaches for her vagina with his mouth. Softly he licks her pussy from the clitoris to down the hole, while his right arm stretches to reach her breast and began fondly the nipples. His left arm rubbing her clitoris vigorously this time still using his tongue to explore the insides of her vagina, making her wet. Rose could not explain the feelings she was experiencing from this, as she enjoyed everything Tobi was doing to her body. Her hunger to have Tobi in her was increasing yet she didn’t want him to stop giving her head. While Tobi just wanted to satisfy his huge desire to devour a woman’s body. After 3 minutes of his tongue exploring her vagina, he rose up, pulled her closer by the thighs to his middle belt region, and then inserts his penis slowly into her vagina. For some reason Rose thought he would be slow going in and out of her vagina as he was having sex with her, but Tobi handled her like an animal. He was fast like his life depended on it, yet his mind was only thinking about the woman who played his uncle, a glimpse of hope of maybe meeting “the one” for him. Those where the thoughts that ran through his head as he kept pounding on Rose. Her vagina turning red, as Tobi saw this, he began going slow, reaches for her lips, kissing her while entering her inner world.

In England, on a hot afternoon at a 5 star 6 story building hotel where top influential and wealthy people in the society go to spend their leisure time. At the swimming pool are full of beautiful female model in their swim wears, some were topless, as the black models are see topless only wearing pants causing their chisled breasts and chocolate nipples to glow under the sunlight. While very few went to swim naked. Mostly females were present, the men present were either security guards or bar tenders.

“That fool Lanre, to get his entire wealth and fashion empire bankrupt by a woman even he can’t identify, hahahahaha” says a big fat black man laughing as he smokes his cigar. He is wearing nothing, just sitting on the king sized bed full of white feathers with a woman on the bed covered with a white duvet in one of the hotel rooms at the top floor of the 6 story building hotel. “He should have known better, he deserves it anyways. Him and I never agreed on the different ways we handle our models”
Meanwhile miles away from the hotel, on the high roof top of a building. It is a female with a sniper. She dresses in military bum shorts, army shirts and army gloves. White skin with ash coloured ponytail hair. Holding a sniper rifle, setting it up and putting it together and in position. After it’s done. She aims for the big black fat man’s head sitting in the hotel room.

“Come on now, it’s time for you to leave baby girl” she says, as she lies down to aim and shoot.
The woman on the big fat black man room got up, wore a black robe and a big black hat, with black high heels. When she was done dressing she left immediately without saying a word. The sniper seeing her leaving smiled, aimed for the head of the big black man and said “Be glad I kissed your life goodbye” peew goes the sound of the sniper rifle as she fires, breaking the glass window, hitting the head of the big fat black man, leaving a big hole in his skull.
The woman dressed in black who left his room after he was sniped down as he tried to prevent her from leaving. The bullet broke through the faint window ad straight into his skull before he could finish his statement “hey, where are you go….” And then drops dead on the big king sized bed, which started getting full with his blood.
“The siren has left the room” said the sniper as she stands up, raising the sniper rifle with her right arm over her shoulders. “Everything else should go according as planned” she continues.
The sound of the glass breaking from the top hotel floor caught the attention of the male securities, as they tried to assembly to know what was going on. One of the beautiful top less model who appeared to be sun bathing ran to one of the security men an stabbed him with a knife in his neck. The confusion and shock delayed the actions of the other security men, the rest of the female models available at the swimming pool also started attacking the security men, killing them. For they appeared to be quite the skilled killers. The shock was too much for the security men to respond on time to the attacks as no one would suspect innocent looking models to be skilled killers. During the commotions, the woman in black dress walked out of the hotel without being noticed. A black limousine was waiting for her, she entered and inside was another woman who is dark in complexion, ash coloured eyes, wore the white robes of those of ancient Rome, with no bra no pants, she has a sleepy eyes and a long dark braided hair. She sat with her legs crossed wearing no footwear of any kind. “Nice job Siren, you did well, let’s go prepare for the next assignment” she says to the woman dressed in black who is referred to as “Siren”. The limousine leaves the hotel.

Hours later the police arrived after receiving a call of a possible sniper kill, and a mass killing done by the beautiful female models.

“So what you are telling me is that after the glass of this room shattered Mr Williams died with a hole in his skull, and the woman with him was nowhere to be found after he died, and the security men you all have happened to be at the swimming pool area where they were attacked and killed by beautiful naked female models?” Asked one of the officers to the receptionist in the room where the big fat black man was killed whose name was Mr Williams as investigation was taking place.

“Yes, officer…” says the receptionist as she looks terrified “it was all shocking to me as well. I could not make meaning of what was going on…I …I…I….”

“It’s okay, why don’t you just rest a little” says the officer.

“Sir!” Cried one of the other officers, a forensic investigator investigating the crime scene.

“What is it?” Asked the officer

“Look at this Dan” says the forensic investigator as he points to a small rectangular card on the bed. It was a card with the picture of a pink coloured Jasmine flower.

“A pink Jasmine” says officer Dan.
“Just like in the other crime scenes” says the forensic investigator.
Officer Dan then looks around the room, later back to the pink Jasmine rectangular card. “Let’s all wrap up this investigation here and continue at the office, I doubt we will find anymore answers here than what we have already” he says. He then turns around to leave the room asking himself questions such as “Another top fashion icon is dead, a mysterious woman is also involved, and since when did models become killers?”.

In Nigeria, at Ikeja City Mall. Tobi and Uche met and were discussing in KFC restaurant. They ordered two crunchy chickens each with bottled water.

” wait wait wait wait wait wait, you are saying the woman who your uncle had an affair with, got him bankrupt. Is the woman you believe is ‘The one’ for you?” Says Uche, Tobi’s friend “are you sane?” He continues.

“Just think about it this way, a woman who was able to dupe a multi billionaire business man with high taste in women? Why won’t I be fascinated?” Replies Tobi.
Uche looking at Tobi with a confused face, the face that says “what the fuck is this guy saying?”.

“You are meant to be angry and mad, isn’t your uncle’s business a family business? Does it not affect you as well!?” Explained Uche.

“Let’s look at the big picture” Tobi replies.
Uche shaking his head as he reaches for one of his crunchy chickens “no wonder your mum booked a therapy session for you” he says as he then begins to eat his chicken.

“There is nothing wrong with me, beside I am also under RB modeling agency so I, we (as he gestures to both of them with his hands) can still go for the fashion show in England, and by the way it’s this weekend we are going so park your bags and tell your parents we will be leaving soon. We need to meet Mr Adeniyi also” says Tobi with excitement.

“Yeah about that..” Uche says as he drops his chicken and opened his water bottle to drink water. Afterwards giving a smile

“Ermm… Adetutu is also coming”

“What?” Exclaimed Tobi “my ex?”

“Yeah” Uche replies. “She will be following us to England for the fashion show as well” uche continues.

“Why?” Asked Tobi surprised. “Who invited her to follow?”

“I did” Uche replies. “She is a photographer after all, she will like to take some shoots during the fashion show” Uche replied

“So she is paying for her tickets right?” Says Tobi.
“Nope, you did, when you paid for me and my sister who is no more going to follow us” replied Uche.

“You planned this didn’t you?” Tobi says in annoyance.

“Well, not really” Uche replied.

“So my ex is going to be with me in England while I search for my mystery woman?” Tobi says as he tires to wrap around his head how his friend Uche just tricked him in getting his ex to tag along for the ride.

“Well yes, come on, it’s going to be fun, besides she is your ex and still my friend. You are the one that wants nothing to do with her anymore. I still see her as a friend, and she too for you as well. So why not just try to give her a chance of being your friend?” Uche replies.

“Being around your ex brings about unresolved things, which I do not want to go through in this adventure of mine starting this weekend” Tobi says. “And there is a thin line between love and hate, and when it comes to her I choose hate” he continues.

“No worries… It will just make it a lovely adventure” Uche replies. “By the way, can we still go and see Mr Adeniyi this evening? It’s getting late”

“Tomorrow then” Tobi says as he looks at his phone. “Hey Uche, just got a news from Google, Mr Williams, the CEO of MANY MODELS AGENCY was found dead in an hotel room in England” he says surprised.

“Woah!! What the fuck!? It appears a lot of things are happening in England” Uche says as he tries to finish his crunchy chickens.
Tobi smiling and excited. “Now I want to go to England more than ever. I smell a lot of adventure going to happen. I can’t wait”
Uche looking at Tobi as someone who needs serious help.

“Dangerous and unusual thing excite you. You need help bro.” Uche says. “By the way, if you eventually meet the woman who duped your uncle. How will you get such a woman to like you or love you in fact?”

“The way to a woman’s heart is her mind” Tobi replies. “A lot of people don’t know that” he continues.

“If you say so” Says Uche responding to Tobi’s last statement.

Later that night Tobi resting on his bed thinking about the adventures that awaits him. The possibility of meeting someone who challenges his seductibe intelligence. The woman who duped his uncle and ran away with his billions. It was that night he actually began to see loop holes of how exactly can a woman run away with billions and not traced? In a developed country such as England? Mr Williams also being killed in an hotel room? All happens weeks before the big popular LONDON FASHION SHOW where all the top fashion icons and models will be around, and already two of them have fallen. Uche tricking him to pay tickets for his ex, Adetutu, who is a photographer. Could Uche be dating Adetutu? “Does he want to date her?” “Or are they having an affair behind his back?” “Or is Adetutu trying to come back to him?” All this thoughts rushed into his head, but he still could not wait to start his adventure after meeting with another one of the top fashion icons in the world, Mr Adeniyi.

To be continued…..
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