Natural skincare routine for all skin types


This book was written and read by Elegushi Oluwaseun Adeniyi, the founder and CEO of EOA modeling. The purpose of this book is to solve the problem about skin care. so many people, models included do not know how to take good care of their skin, they don’t even know what is good for their skin thereby they try and fall for things that do not work for theM, thereby damaging their skin the more, and the fact that you are still reading this means that you fall under this categories. This book will help solve your skin care problem. Thank you for reading.

Everybody has a problem they want to solve and one of it is how to take good care of their skin. Both dark skinned and light skinned individuals are all looking for ways their skin can have that natural shine and glow, many result in the use of beauty products such as :creams, but the down side to using cream is that when you stop it begins to show on your skin that you have stopped or your skin begins to react negatively to the cream you are using, and I am sure majority of you reading this right now either fall under the category of having side effects from using creams.
In this book we are going to be looking at natural ways to take good care of your skin for all skin types, we will be touching:

  • what are natural products?
  • key important factors on skincare
  • Different types of skin
    -Hazard of using artificial cosmetic products
    -General routine for a good, smooth glowing skin (even if you don’t have much money)
  • Natural treatment for your face (both dark and light skin)
  • Natural treatment for dark skin
  • Natural treatment for light skin
  • What to do if you have sunburn, eczema, pimples, achnes
  • The wonders of Honey on your skin.
    Natural Products : this are products that are produced by nature. It’s basically anything created by nature, fruits, vegetables, trees, and from all this natural resources we can get things from them as well which will help with our skin, in making it shin, glow, blend, and protect us from the sun. The natural products we are going to be talking about will be:
    -Citrus fruits (lime,lemon, orange)
    -Coconut oil
    -Carrot oil
    -Shea butter
    And later in this book how to use them will be explained.


We are going to first discuss and exlain the key factors of skincare before we begin to discuss about how to apply the natural products the right way for all skin types. The key things will be broken down for better understanding.

-First, a lot of us have been following a certain type of believe that what mostly affects our skin is what we apply to the skin, now this mentality is wrong as it’s what we take into our bodies that determines and affects how our skin will be like, either healthy, even skin colour, shinning, glowing or unhealthy, uneven skin colour. The things to eat and drink will be discussed and explained under GENERAL ROUTINE FOR SKINCARE.

-Second, our state of mind, our psychology also affects how our skin appears as worrying too much or having Lot of negative emotions and thoughts affects our skin.

-Third, the sun, as models we are to stay away from the sun as much as possible, not only for models but also for everyone, because the rays of the sun burns our skin when we stay too long under the sun, and do you know that what causes the sun burn we have? It’s actually our skin cells killing themselves to protect our skin from the sun to prevent the skin from skin cancer, so I am advising you to get an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun.

-Fourth, excuses is what will hinder you from carrying out the things you need to do to start applying natural treatments on your skin.

-Sixth your skin is more sensitive than you realise.

-Fifth, everyone’s skin are not the same, so do not start comparing yourself with anyone. Love your skin the way you were born with it, be it dark skin, light, anyone, you are beautiful the way you are and the reason you are born with that skin colour in the first place means that it’s meant for you, ignore what others may say, people who say negative things about other people to bring them down or see a fault in everything they do only means they do not like themselves, they hate themselves as well. Be confident and love your skin the colour it is, the type of skin you have is part of your identity so love it, love yourself.

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