Skin care tips from model Scott Pears

Nigerian model Scott Pears talks about his routine on how he keeps his skin glowing, and what every model needs to know. Enjoy!

Scott Pears:

Tip 1

First thing in the morning I take water,at least 50cl before I even brush my teeth, then I take fruits and vegetable as breakfast, by the way, I have never applied cream to my skin, I use mostly the natural remedies, I try my possible best to stay away from the scorching sun.

Drink water, lots of water.
Tip 2

We are to drink at least 5 liters of water everyday, I drink 10 liters.

Jumia Esther Sales
Tip 3

It’s mostly what we take in our body that affects how our skin will be than what we apply on the skin itself. Eating fruits, and drinking lots of water, as water helps to open the pores of our skin.

Eat lots of fruits!

Natural Remedies:


Honey is your cream, apply it to your body for 15 minutes, and afterwards wash it off your body.


Aloe vera
Aloe vera for skin care
Aloe vera

They are to be mixed together and put into fridge to prevent it from spoiling.

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