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Meet Scott Pears

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Meet Scott Pears, the model, the brains, the man behind “School of modeling”, a school which has helped hundreds of aspiring models in Nigeria to become the models they wish to be, and make their dreams come through.

I was given the opportunity to discuss with him, and interview him about himself as a model, and School of modeling.

1- What is your real name?

Scott Pears: Scott Esosa Igbihoba, from Edo State.

Scott Pears
Scott Pears

2- What inspired you to start school of modeling?

Scott Pears: First I will say, it’s the modeling industry itself. I believed that models need to be sensitized because the experience I got when a model was that most models did not know what modeling is all about, and what type of modeling they should do, that brought about school of modeling to help, and to inspire the youths, because most models are desperate, and fall into the wrong hands, that is why I started school of modeling.

Scott Pears

3- What are the challenges you have faced running school of modeling?

Scott Pears: The challenges are the funds, investment, because running any kind of business requires money. It started when I was about to start, the challenges of running was money. Another challenge was time, the timing, waking up every Saturdays in the morning to go out and train, because I play basketball. Another is training. Training aspiring models takes a lot, especially when they start asking funny questions.

4- What keeps you going?

Scott Pears: I love competition, I love challenges, so whenever I am down, most of the time, I think of what someone said I couldn’t do, and that is literary it.

5- What do you see modeling as?

Scott Pears: As a form of building confidence, and beating your shyness.

6- Who is your role model?

Scott Pears: I have no role model, only someone who DM’d me on Instagram, Tyra Banks, she said I had what it takes to be a model, and I was motivated ever since.

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