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How to get flat stomach as a girl

Lots of girls have fantasied about having those flat model stomachs, having abs, but the problem is some who try to get it don’t get results because they don’t know what exactly to do, or the things they are doing, they are doing it wrong. While others don’t even know what to do, and some are just lazy, but not to worry anymore for here are solutions to your problems for we will be discussing on:
Mental state of Mind,
Exercise routines you need to engage in,
Diet routines you need to engage in,
Myths, and unhealthy ways of getting flat stomachs you should not engage in,
Practises that don’t give you flat stomach,
Health benefits for you to in getting a flat stomach.

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Mental state of mind

Your state of mind matters most in everything you do, just imagine you want to read a book probably for an exam, but your mind is not into the book, you probably won’t get anything result from the book you are reading, what I am trying to saybis that, you need to have a mindset that you want this, that you need to get a flat stomach no matter what, and also you are doing this for yourself and o one else.
A lot of people desire a flat stomach, or abs, but they just do not have the right mindset in carrying out their desires let alone achieving them, and what is the right mindset? Simple, the right mindset is that “I will not stop still I get my flat sexy stomach”, all you have to do is keep telling yourself that continuously until it becomes a mentality which you need to work to become a reality.


There are a lot of exercises for getting a flat stomach, all comes with pain, any exercise that does not involve pain will not get you any result so therefore it is a waste of time, and also it is wrong to believe that there is an exercise for flat stomach that does not come with pain, they all do.

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Types of exercises specific for flat stomach, and abs
There are different types of exercises for flat stomachs and the best part is that you can decide to do them both outdoors or indoors, so if you are shy or an introvert you don’t need to worry about going to the gym.

1- Sit ups:
Fitness & lifestyle, sit up exercise.

In this type of exercise,which is illustrated on the images you will see under this type, it is very effective, and if you are starting for the first time, I will personally advice you start with 10 in the morning and then 10 in the evening before you go to sleep, afterwards as your body becomes use to it and you start to feel little or no pain doing 10 sit ups, then you increase the number to 20, and as time pass by you later increase it to 40, and so on.

2- Plank:

Plank exercise position

This is more effective than push up, and also more painful. As you can see in the images, it is basically staying at a push up form except your elbow instead of your palms, and you stay like that for minutes. If you are new to this type of exercise it will hurt like hell, you will feel pains mostly in your abdominal area, and feel like your belly button wants to remove, but do not fear, it won’t, it’s just part of the pain. Regular ab trainers will not feel pain for about 80 seconds whole doing the plank, and it has been said that doing 10 minutes of plank is more effective than 1000 sit ups.

3- leg raise:
Leg raise exercise.

This is laying down flat on your back with your legs and arms closed together with your palms open, then you raise your legs up slowly while closed together till it is straight in the air and then you slowly begin to bring the leg down back but your legs must not touch the floor and you draw it back up again. In this exercise you are using you abdominal muscles to lift up you legs which stretches and builds the muscles, also burn fat.

4- Side Crunches:

This is also you laying down flat on your back with your arms holding the back or your head, you will then raise up your knees, and then try to male the left knee of your leg to touch the right elbow of your arm and vise versa.

5- Jogging:
Two beautiful and attractive fitness girls are jogging in the park on a sunny morning

This is the most common type of exercise, but it’s usefulness cannot be over emphasized, jogging is good for your body system and health, it helps in strengthen your leg muscles, and other body muscles, and burns fat. Jogging every morning is advisable.

Two beautiful and attractive fitness girls are jogging in the park on a sunny morning

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Fruits are very good in having a good health, and also in helping you get your flat stomach dream, as they do not add fat into your body system but all the vitamins, and nutrients your body needs to live a healthy life.
I advice you take fruits in the morning, and evening before you go to bed, and keep away from fatty foods.
Do not eat heavy foods in the morning, and also in the evening, eating of heavy foods both in the morning and evening results into “pot bellies” because of the time our body takes to digest the foods we eat, especially in the morning and evening.


  • Starving yourself: It is very unhealthy to starve yourself simply because you want to get a flat stomach, depriving yourself of food will not help yo at all, fine, you will get a flat stomach but you will definitely put yourself in harm as you can end up having “Ulser” . No need to starve yourself on purpose, all you have to do is eat light foods early on the morning and also in the evening before you go to sleep. You can eat light foods like: bread with milk, cereals, tea, fruits, all you have to do is avoid foods rich in fat, drinks filled with gas, and you are good to good.
  • It is a myth that if you don’t eat at all or you eat less you will have a healthy flat stomach, it is not true, i is about eating the right type of foods which will help you gain what you are looking for, and aiming to achieve. If I eat fruits in the morning, eat yam portage in the afternoon and cereals at night, together with my exercise routines, I will definitely have flat stomach and still be healthy without a risk of your personal health, because that is what I do.


sitting at home, wishing to have a flat stomach when you are doing nothing at all does not help at all.
Practices most girls do which do not result to a flat stomach:

-Sitting at home wishing to have a flat stomach

-Looking at pictures of models with flat stomachs, abs, and wishing your stomach becomes like theirs over night.

-Eating any food you desire without looking at the effect it will have on your body

All this practices can stop, how? By starting to take actions by carrying out the exercises, and routines you have just read on this blog.

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Many must be asking, “Why do I need a flat stomach?”, well the thing is having a flat, fitted stomach is not only meant for models, nor essential only to models, but to you too if you are a model or not, and here are the benefits:

  • It helps to improve your metabolism: exercising to have a flat stomach, requires you engaging in abdominal workouts, which helps in aiding your digestion, and giving you good working abdomens.
  • It helps in the easy flow of blood in your body.
  • It helps in burning away fats which can be harmful to your health, and cause fatigue.
  • It helps makes your muscles in your abdominal region stronger.

That is all for this post, if it was helpful, and insightful kindly share this post to your friends as well. Thank you!