Best Valentine shoot of 2019

Olusoga Olawale

Best Valentine shoots of model Olusoga Olawale, and the story behind them, hope you enjoy and find meaning to them. Thank you and happy Valentine!

You can reach him on Instagram: @mr_olawaley

The story behind one of his shoot: “It shows an unusual love story where a guy is involved with two different girls and they are both okay with it.
All they crave for is an equal level of love commitment and attention.”- Olusoga Olawale

Well its no news where we see two women fall in love with the same man, and still want him to love them the same as he loves the other. In cases such as:

  • A man married to two women
  • A man having two girlfriends
  • Two women fighting for the love, attention and care from a single/already in a relationship guy.

Sensual love

Story behind the shoot: “This explains the romance associated with love..
How the feeling can get sensual…”- Olusoga Olawale

A shoot for the romantic types, hopeless romantics can relate to the intense sensual feelings you get towards that very significant person.

I personally interpret or give my own perspective of this shoot as “A man stuck between two women”- Elegushi Oluwaseun

Self love

Story behind this shoot: “Self love”- Elegushi Oluwaseun

Valentine shoots
Model Deborah Elijah

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