“Some male models are missing it “, what photographers are looking for in male models.

Many male models are wondering why photographers mostly take female model shoots and not male models. Some photographers request for female models than male models, and in asking this troubling question and tying to look for an answer, one of the photographers I have worked with was able to make things clear to me as to the current situation of why photographers appear to demand for more female models and what photographer are looking for in models, both male and female through a conversation we had on WhatsApp because of the distance between us, I stay I Lagos and he is in Abuja. And Here below is our conversation as to what photographers are looking for in models and what some male models are missing concerning photography, and then being male models.

Here below is our conversation

[1/25, 5:47 PM] Craftyshotz: Some male models are missing it!

You can’t be male model and nt have any muscular physique. You need to have something female audience will be thrilled with jst d same way a female model cannot have a chummy look!

Atleast a male model must have six packs if he wants to standout and last and wants to be considered for many works!
Versatility is a key!
[1/25, 5:49 PM] Craftyshotz: Being good looking alone will nt do it. Many people have good looks bt how many people can dedicate there time and body for workout to have good physique and body structure?
[1/25, 6:03 PM] EOA MODELING: Hmm..true
[1/25, 6:03 PM] EOA MODELING: 👍
[1/25, 6:04 PM] EOA MODELING: So that is why male photographers go for female models
[1/25, 6:05 PM] EOA MODELING: But what do male photographers see in female models or rather what is that one thing that a female model must posses for male photographers to shoot them
[1/25, 6:35 PM] Craftyshotz: Firstly good look!
Especially from the eye balls to the cheek!

And a good body structure even though most photographers are doing head shots these days because of retouching.. You can hardly see a creative postures or scenes!
Everybody shooting headshot and doing retouching!

No photographer wants to do d whala(stress) of taking models to a crazy locations this days
[1/26, 11:39 AM] EOA MODELING: Hmm this is good
[1/26, 11:39 AM] EOA MODELING: Now I understand things better
[1/26, 11:39 AM] EOA MODELING: Really photographers have been taking mostly head shots
[1/26, 11:41 AM] EOA MODELING: So because photographers are now doing head shots, they prefer to use female?
[1/26, 2:00 PM] Craftyshotz: Well maybe!
They use guys with sexy body also!

Hope you have learnt a lot from our conversation and now you know what to do as a male model and required if you to be able to be in demand by photographers.

  • Good physical built male body
  • What attracts the female audience.

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  1. how you have worked with was able to make things clear?

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