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Meet model Sarah Sokulskyj

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It is no new thing that those who are in the fashion industry such as models, photographers, and fashion designers are admired, therefore interviewed on this blog. Today I want you all to meet model Sarah Sokulskyj as she is interviewed.

1- What are your opinions about fashion?

Ans- Well I believe in dressing comfortably, so when it comes to fashion I like really big shirts,skinny jeans,sweats, just anything that doesn’t put me out of my element but makes me feel laid back and cost.

Shot by Fabulous Banjo, make-up by Senorbiba.

2- what are the routines you do to keep a healthy hairstyle?

Ans- I have a hair regimen I follow,I have curly hair and I just had my big chop late last year so I had to switch up what I usually do,so basically all I do is shampoo,deep condition, then condition and then apply oils and leave ins,that’s pretty much all I do for now.

Shot by Momodu media, make-up by Babenextdoor(Wendy Fidelis)

3- what do you see modeling as?

Ans- I see modeling as a way for both photographers and creative directors and makeup artists and sometimes models to express themselves,apart from the whole fashion aspect of modeling,when it comes to portraits or editorials,a lot of thought goes into what exactly they want to create and the model brings it to life,so all in all it’s a means of expression.

Shot by Momodu media, make-up by Babenextdoor(Wendy Fidelis)

4- say something about yourself.

Ans- My Name is Sarah Sokulskyj, I’m 20 years old, 21 in June and apart from modeling I write poetry and I’m also an aspiring journalist.

Shot by Mode King Visuals

Her Instagram handle.

5. Http://

Shot by Iyare Eghiaruwa.

Thank you for reading, and as we are in the month of Valentine, kindly send in your Valentine shoot if you are a model or a photographer to be featured on “Best Valentine shoots of 2019” you can send your pictures to our or you click on the valentine image you see down on the sidebar.

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