Let’s show the world our expression of Valentine’s love

Hello everyone, happy new month and welcome to the month of Valentine, a month where we show our loved one how much we love and appreciate them, and its also a month where creative models and photographers come together to take “Valentine shoots” expressing Valentine’s love through their photoshoots. I also did a Valentine’s shoot last year as well, showing the love of Valentine, and at the same time, modeling for a fashion designer, a cake brand and the photographer, it was fun, and you can see one of the images below.

That’s me, I am the guy smiling.

So I an very excited about this year’s own as I know their will lots of Valentine shoots done, so that is why I will be uploading a post titled “Best valentine shoots of 2019” on the 14th of February 2019, where I will upload the best valentine shoots done by models, because clearly, models do shoots before the main day not on the main day which they are trying to pass a message across, because of the editing and all.

What to do to get featured? Here are the process

The Valentine pictures should be submitted to my Email address : eoamodeling@gmail.com, you can easily have access to my mail by clicking on this image below, or on the one on my side bar.

Submit your Valentine shoots here!
Click on the image to submit your valentine shoots!

This is not a competition, it’s a way for me to appreciate the works of my fellow models to the world, and also a professional platform where models can show their skills to the world, I am not charging money, it is free.

The pictures will be judged based on :

  • The message the shoot portrays
  • The poses and espressions
  • The photography work
  • Costume

When sending fill in the following information:

  • Name:
  • Are you a model or photographer
  • Instagram handle
  • The story behind your shoot
  • The various people involved in making it happen

Entry ends on the 12th of February 2019.

So start sending your Valentine shoots, let’s show the world how we can express Valentine’s love with our skills, gifts, career ❤

And please do kindly subscribe, and register yourself as a member on my blog.

God bless.

Thank you!

Happy Valentine ❤

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