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Meet photographer Tessa Klok

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EOA admires photographers, as photographers are also very important in the fashion industry. Here is the interview with Dutch photographer Tessa Klok with EOA. All images in this post are shot by Tessa Klok. Enjoy!

1- what are your opinions about photography?

Ans- photography? I think it’s a beautiful way of showing people how you would like to see the world. You can be creative in so many ways, editing, angles, objects, clothes, makeup, people, the sky is the limit and it’s great that we can play with all of these things I just said and we can take a look at it afterwards forever because we freezed the moment in a picture. 

Photograph by Tessa Klok

2- do you work with models? And if yes, what type of models do you like working with?

Ans- I do work with models, but not with models from a model agency yet. I work with Instagram “models”. Often people I get to know at different moments in live and when I like them and I know they are doing a great job on their own Instagram page, I reach out and ask if they want to shoot with me. So far it always have been really fun! 

3-what do you see beauty as?

Ans- I see beauty in very different kind of shapes and Colors. All though I have to confess that I don’t shoot with every single person and I kinda need to say that I prefer girls and boys who take a little time to wear some nice clothes, maybe a little make-up and take care of their hair. But in the end it’s all about the character of a person. You can wear the greatest clothes, the perfect make-up look and still be ugly because you are not a nice person. So be kind and people will see your beauty with every look you have <3

4- say something about yourself?

Ans- My name is Tessa Klok and I am a Dutch portrait and travel photographer (and almost graduated as videomaker). Obsessed with Instagram because it is my favorite platform to share my photography work with and be active with the people who see it. I make videos on YouTube for almost 6 years and I still love to do stuff with make-up and fashion.

Here below is his Instagram link:

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