Meet Model Eva Burkowsky

EOA admires models all over the world, and EOA admires Eva Burkowsky and also interviewed her about modeling, fashion, hairstyles and here is her interview, enjoy!

What are your opinions about fashion?

Ans: Fashion is not only wearing an outfit, it is wearing confidence, happiness – fashion is a reflection of yourself, the person you want to be, or how you feel. Fashion has a big influence on ourselves and the way others see us.

Eva Burkowsky
What are they the routines you do to keep a healthy hairstyle?

Ans: For me, my hair is one of my most important parts. It is super long, super healthy and thick. Actually, I am not doing a lot – maybe this is the key. I do make sure to use vegan shampoo and only wash my hair three times a week. Also, I use some oil for my endings. But never forget the power of your diet: Healthy fats, protein and carbs are so essential for your hair growth, and even iron and magnesium are very important. Make sure to follow diet and you will shine from the inside out. 

What do you see modeling as?

Ans: Modeling is acting, being convertible, representing yourself, working hard every day (for yourself), sometimes exhausting – but always incredible, exciting, funny. For me, it is not only wearing special clothes or playing with your face. It is like being fully into it, loving it, and I never want to miss this feeling.

Meet model Eva Burkowsky
Say something about yourself.

Ans: Talking about myself is not my favorite thing to do, hi hi. I am a twenty year old German woman, who loves to travel, fashion, sports, a healthy lifestyle, interior and to help/motivate/inspire others. Sometimes, I think too much, but I am always present with my whole heart. I am soft hearted and strong minded. 

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Meet model Eva Burkowsky
Your Instagram link.

Ans: My Instagram link: evaburkowsky


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