Hello everyone, as you all know EOA admires models all over the world, meet model Fabian Arnold as he is interviewed by EOA and shares his opinions on fashion, modeling, hairstyle, which can be of help to you in giving you all more insight about the world of fashion, and to see things in another other people’s perspective. Enjoy!

Meet Fabian Arnold

1- what are your opinions about fashion?
> Fashion is the way for everyone to show his own style and dress like his personality!

Fabian Arnold

2- what are the routines you do to keep a healthy hairstyle?
> I wash my hair with shampoo only a couple times per week and shower ice cold 😉

Fabian Arnold

3-what do you see modeling as?
> modeling is my job. I love it to be in front of the camera and come into a flow!

Fabian Arnold

 4- say something about yourself?
> 22 years old from Germany. My hobbies are soccer, gym and traveling! I’ve been in Australia since 10 month! I studied insurance management in Germany!

 5- your Instagram link

 6- 5 of your best photoshoots
– photo shoot at the beach 2018
– fitness shoot in the gym 2016
– editorial shoot Melbourne 2018
I think I don’t have really favorites.. all the shootings are similar for me!

Fabian Arnold

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