Meet Joachim Bergauer photography

He is an award winning photographer, based in Austria, with beautiful works of art, his pictures are something to love and admire, and he was interviewed by EOA, and he talked about photography, beauty, and  working  with models. Here is Joachim Bergauer and some of his lovely photography works below. Enjoy! 


Meet Joachim Bergauer

Ask and Questions. 🙂
Ask:1- How do you rate the photograph?

Ans: Photography should inspire people. This includes an individual style. Beauty is expression. Photography is the continuation of naturalism.

Ask: 2- do you work with models? And if yes, with which models do you like working together?

Ans: I work with models around the world.

3-what do you see in beauty?

Ans: Uniformity with a disturbance …

Ask: 4- say something about yourself?
Ans:I started at the age of 12 and became famous with campaigns that were broadcast worldwide.

Here is his Instagram link

Some of his photography works. Images are gotten from Instagram.

Contact information: 

Joachim Bergauer

Saalachstrasse 7


+4369911587507 (Bergauer Joachim)

+436642305981 (Mader Horst)

+4369919651113 (Lorenz Migsch) (website)

Landespreis für Marketing, Kommunikation und Design in Salzburg:  
2008    Award 1. Platz Photography

2008    Award 1. Platz Outdoor

2006    Award 3. Platz Werbekampagne

2006    Award 2. Platz Outdoor

2002    Award 2. Platz Webdesign
2006    Hasselblad Weltweiter Werbeträger2008    S@lzburger des Jahres

2010   Traumseher  Award 2. Platz

2011   PUR Magazin – Salzburger Nachrichten            3x  Gold European Newspaper Award

2012   PUR Magazin             4x  Gold European Newspaper Award

2015   Traumseher  Profifotograf  1 Platz f. Reportage

2015   Traumseher  Profifotograf  2 Platz f. Werbung
2015   1.Platz Staatspreis Traumseher Kategorie Werbung

2015    Winner from FEP  European Photographer  Award2016    Karl Weiser Preis 

2017    Winner Grand Prix  PX3   Portrait  French

2017    Gold Portrait Trierenberg Super Circuit

UID-Nummer: ATU 54075806

Geschäftsführer: Joachim Bergauer

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