The fact that you are reading this blogs tells that:

  1. You are curious about how I made 10k a month
  2. You want to know how to also make 10k a month as a model
  3. You do not believe its possible
  4. Its nothing new, you also make that amount and more (hope it’s without modeling for a designer, magazine or walking on a runway)

I have made 10k a month as a model without modeling for a brand. Yes its very true, you can make money from modeling, but the question is how? Most new models only know that ‘models make money’ and they believe its only from modeling for a brand by taking photoshoots and the like only, but I am here to tell you that ‘NO’ there are various ways models can make money from modeling without taking of shoots or having to pose for brands or magazines, and I will do so by telling how I made 10k and more from modeling without modeling for a brand or taking photoshoots for any magazine.

First, for you to understand what I am about to inform you, you must understand that modeling is a business and business is an asset, and what are assets? Let me simply put that assets are what put money into your pocket, so if you have an asset there is guarantee that you will have cash flow into your pocket. So like I realised in my 2 years of modeling experience, is that being a model means you are an asset who has guarantee of getting money into your pocket. Now realising this I thought about different ways to make money, browsed around, looked at top models to see how exactly they get money into their pocket, but most of you reading this who are models will agree with me that you rarely find answers to such questions on how to make money from modeling online, what you mostly see is the amount of money ‘super models’ make, and ‘models make money from photoshoots and commercial shoots’ and the likes. So overtime I tried all those things, based on my location where I school “Ekiti State”, they don’t appreciate models well enough to even pay them for modeling for their brands or walking the runway on their fashions shows, so where I was located at the time was really tough to make money from the normal ways you see online, where I was located they belief that ”we are helping the model” ”we are publicizing the model” so definitely it’s hard to get paid doing the normal regular model stuff.

After awhile I was frustrated and told myself “I am no more doing any model stuff in Ekiti” , then started thinking about how to sell my pictures online using various platforms but I just wasn’t feeling it.

So all the things I read online and was taught about how to make money from modeling was not doing it for me, mostly because of the location I was based in, because you model where you are located. So now the question is what is that one thing I did that made me earn 10k and more from modeling without modeling for a brand it magazine and yet in the same Ekiti state? Mind you, this formula I am about to share with you is one of the ways I make money from modeling. Well the answer is simply really, and the answer is that I wanted to solve a problem involving modeling, there were lots of problems I saw going on;

  1. Models were not appreciated enough
  2. Lots of aspiring models go about becoming models the wrong way
  3. Lots of aspiring models get scammed of their money to learn and eventually learn nothing or low substandard lessons.
  4. I have been scammed, so I know.

Then I though to myself, why not start a ‘school of modeling’ to help solve the problems, to teach aspiring models what modeling really is all about and how to go about it the right, profitable way, and also to help them to avoid being scammed , and appear as professional models, and that brought about EOA MODELING ACADEMY, and that step brought about lots of changes in my life. I am not going to go into the full details but how it made me 10k and more in a month.


I got a special guest trainer, a photographer, graphic designer, make up artists involved in my school of modeling so as to enable my modeling academy look professional and offer my model students the best quality. Each students were to pay 10k each for a one month training, involving theoretical training, fitness training, runway training, photoshoots, Polaroids, and more, I had about 4 students at the time, 1 paid in full, 2 paid half and 1 did not pay anything, and of course I have to settle the bills of those I  gave jobs to and the special guest, and they were asking for their money, well you might want to ask if I made profits, at the time even though I wanted profit because the point of starting up a business is to make profit, but I was more interested in making impact towards my student models, to help solve the problems listed above, and I was happy I did, because 2 out of my first set of students are doing really well, Simi and Israel, but the one I am most proud of is Israel, because he is doing well as a male model now, he even directs other people photoshoots, I am so proud of him, you can read about him in one of my previous posts titled “meet Israel…..” And also about the other student model “Meet Simi…..”

Meet Israel, one of his photoshoots during the first EOA MODELING ACADEMY

Now I am not saying its a sure way for you to always make money every month by starting your own academy, or by teaching or training aspiring models on how to become models, your first month may be successful and others not so successful, its not all the time aspiring models are willing to pay to become models, some don’t even want to pay anything, they in fact want you to train them for free and start paying them, its funny right? Its because not everyone understand that modeling is a business and business principles apply to modeling as well.

So that is how I made 10k and more a month by teaching and training aspiring models on how to become models and now my modeling academy has expanded to teaching models online, having its own fashion line and now owns its own blog. Please note that before you can do something like this, you must:

  1. Have at least 2 years of modeling experience.
  2. You are well established in your niche of modeling
  3. You are able to offer value to your student models ( you can’t give what you don’t have)
  4. You are ready to enter another level of modeling

So that is it for how I make 10k and more a month from modeling without modeling for brands, magazines or walking on a runway. Any opinions about this post, kindly comment below and subscribe to get notified of latest post. Thanks!


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