It’s not a strange thing for models to meet people who have no clue about the modeling industry at all but yet they give their opinions about it like they know what its all about, especially in Nigeria. Its funny how Nigerians just justify how modeling should be or what its all about like they invented modeling, fellow models in Nigeria will agree with me that in Nigeria people often talk about modeling, give opinions about it like they know what its all about but the thing is, they are wrong. In my years of experience as a model, I have heard and seen a lot of misconceptions people have about modeling, wrong opinions, which I believe could be as a result of culture, pride, and their dislike for the art, so in this post I will be discussing few misconceptions people have about modeling.


1- All models take nude photoshoots:

okay, this misconception is by far the most common misconception people have that once you call yourself a model, automatically you do nude shoot, or what is even worse is “you are a model, you should be able to do nude”, now this belief, is very very wrong, because the truth is nude modeling is a type of modeling, not all models do nude shoots, not all models are nude models. Their are various types of models, from face models, runway models, editorial models, commercial models and so on. The truth is, it’s the choice a model makes whether he/she should be into the nude modeling business or not, but when you tell a model, like a photographer asking a model if he/she can do a nude shoot, the model says ” no” and the photographer replies with “but you are a model, you should be able to do nude” now this statement is wrong because its just like asking a photographer if he/she can do video coverage, the photographer replies “no” and the customer responds by saying “but you are a photographer, you have a camera so you should be able to do some video coverage”, as unprofessional and annoying as that statement sounds, so is asking or believing a model does nude shoot because he/she is a model, just like asking a photographer to do video shoots because he owns a camera.

2- Male models are gay, female models are prostitutes


I am a male model and I am not gay, I know a lot of female models who are not prostitutes, same goes for male models. This is one of the very common wrong believes people have towards models, “male models are gay, female models are prostitutes”, no, that statement is very wrong, the belief is wrong, I am sure that models who are reading this would have had experiences on the matter of them being prejudiced and discriminated about them being either gays or prostitutes because they are models. No its not right because there are a lot of male models who are not gay and a lot of female models who are not prostitutes, but people will be like ” there are gays in the modeling industry, also prostitutes “, there are gays and prostitutes everywhere all over the world in different fields of businesses, so why stereotype all models to be either gay or prostitutes? 

3- All models are rich

Image gotten from the web

I am sure this as happened to lots of models, especially those in the “Aspiring and upcoming models” category, when your friends or family see your dope photoshoots, they believe you are rich, they believe you always have money all the time, I know, because I face this all the time, people you don’t know but they know you to be a model, automatically they believe you will always have money all the time no matter what, especially family and friends, well, the truth is a model will make money from modeling, but not all the time, aspiring and upcoming models don’t make much and if at all they don’t make any money because they are still developing themselves, they are still growing.

Image gotten from the web
Modeling is a business, you invest money into it to get money back.

The understanding is modeling is a business, a job, a career, and just like when you start a business you are not expected to make millions of money over night, same goes for modeling too. Modeling is not a get rich quick money scheme, its a business one needs to grow, nurture to be able to deliver value in exchange for money.

4-Models don’t eat, they starve themselves

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Models avoid too much junk foods so as not to be obese(fat)

There might be some truth to this, that is especially for female models who are trying to slim down for runways, pageants and the requirements modeling agencies demand, but is it true for all models? Because last time I checked I eat a lot and that is because as a male model, I have to eat while I exercise to have a fit body and nice set of 6 packs, if I were to be exercising without eating, I am only punishing myself and if I am to starve myself then i won’t be in great shape, and also there are plus size models and am very sure they eat well judging from their body sizes, but if you are to say because female runway models reduce the foods they eat, they go on diets to remain in the shape they are instructed to be son as to enable them perform their jobs well on the runway during fashion shows, well I don’t really see the harm in them going on a diet. In fact, they eat healthy meals which helps them stay in shape and live a healthy life.

Image gotten from the web
Model are trained and taught to eat healthy foods for good health and great body shape

But when it’s something which negatively affects their health then its something to be looked into. That is why they tend to avoid foods which can be harmful to their systems.

Image gotten from the web
Models avoid excessive foods!

Not all models starve themselves, staying in shape, looking fit is as a result of determination, dedication and discipline, so instead of pointing fingers trying to look for something bad in models, you can try to understand and learn from models.

5-All models are proud


Confidence should not be mistaken for pride, but that is what a lot of people do, they mistake the confidence models are required to have by default with pride. To be fair, I know that their are models who are actually proud, but in my experience, models who have made it big do not show or act proud towards others they meet face to face, in fact its mostly aspiring and upcoming models who do so, because they are new to the game so it’s okay for them to still showcase childish behaviours. Good self esteem, confidence are the key elements models must posses to become successful, and such elements should not be seen as pride.

6- You must be beautiful to become a model

Now my last but not the least misconception is the fact that a lot of people actually believe that you must be “beautiful” or “handsome” to become a model, well the truth is modeling is not about the beauty, its beyond that, fine it can act as a plus, but its not all about that, many successful models are not so beautiful or handsome, its the skills and ability to deliver value that makes them successful. Where this misconception comes from is from beauty pageants, where a lot of beautiful girls come together to compete against one another, same goes for handsome men too who come together to compete for a crown, examples are: Mr and Miss Universe, Miss World, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Mr Nigeria etc and pageantry is just a branch under the tree of modeling which has many branches. You can check out one of my previous post on “Top 4 Nigerian models” to understand further what I am talking about.


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So there you all have it, misconceptions people have towards models, also containing some prejudice and discrimination being held against models simply because of lack or inadequate modeling understanding. If you have anything to say about this misconceptions you can comment, and if any of this misconceptions, prejudice, discrimination being held against you by people surrounding you, you can share this post to everyone of them, through your various social medias and forums so that they can better understand the line of business you are in and understand you better and act in the right way towards you, please do not steal this post as your own to prevent lawsuit. Subscribe to this blog in order to get notified about the latest updates.

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Thanks for reading! There is more to come!


  1. Even male models too… Eat less
    Because as a model (male) you’re supposed to make sure your body fat is between 5 to 10 percent. Which means even if you wanna eat a lot it has to be vitamins for good skin n protein for body building
    You cut carbs, oil,…etc
    And that aspect of body building…. Except you wanna be a fitness model…. You should always remember to shed your weight…. Because for high fashion n others you have to be slim but tight (tight as in body structure, abs etc)

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