Hello everyone meet Bukunmi Tiwatayo, a model

-What is your name?

Tiwatayo- “My name is Bukunmi Tiwatayo”

-What inspired you to become a model?

Tiwatayo- “I’ve always wanted to be a model for as long as I can remember,watching fashion shows and most beautiful girl awards inspired me.”

-Are you signed to any modeling agency or you are a freelance?

Tiwatayo- “Yes,I’m currently signed into Rocks model management”

-What have you learnt in modeling

Tiwatayo- “I’ve learnt a lot from modelling, I learnt a lot about fashion, beauty tips…I learnt how to portray confidence,charisma and professionalism”

-Who is your role model?

Tiwatayo- “My role models are Kendal Jenna and Agbani Darego”

Model Bukunm Tiwatayo poses for a shoot below!

Model- Bukunmi Tiwatayo

Creative director – Elegushi Oluwaseun @creative_seun

-What is the one principle you can never go against?

Tiwatayo- “The one principle I can’t go against is exposing my body all in the name of modelling”

-Can we know more about you?

Tiwatayo- “Well…I’m a simple easygoing girl,sometimes friendly, I love sports and I’m kind of a nerd.”

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