Hello everyone, meet Craftyshotz photography as he is been interviewed.

EOA- “what is your name?”

Craftyshotz-“My name is Popoola Olamilekan Victor”
(Craftyshotz Photography)

EOA- “What type of photographer are you?”

Craftyshotz- “I am commercial Photographer!
To explain commercial photography!

A photograph that is used to help sell, advertise or market a product, service, person or persons. All those photographs that you see in magazines, online publications, billboards, CD covers or posters all fall under commercial photography.”

EOA- “What inspired you to be a photographer?”

Craftyshotz- “Photography is a calling i had to accept! So many things tied me with cameras and photography when i was young, so i took pictures of immediate familys at home and in events!
I remember the best gift given to me by
anybody that i can remember was an analogue camera as at 2004 and it was from my mum!”

EOA- “What are the challenges you have faced in photography?”

Craftyshotz- “Wanting to be satisfied with my works! The challenge is i am not always satisfied because i always want more just like oliver twist😊. “

EOA- “what is the one principle you never go against?”

Craftyshotz- “Being Time Cautious.
As far as photography is concerned i am always time cautious! I don’t like delaying clients!
I learnt that from my mentor Obasola Photography.”

EOA- “what other talents do you have?”

Craftyshotz- “Even though i have other skills and abilities i can’t even remember unless i find myself in it!
I am a talented footballer even though i have stopped! Also a talented master planner!”

EOA- “what do you enjoy most in photography?”

Craftyshotz-  “I enjoy the part where i have to travel to other states to shoot because i tend to see and acquire new knowledge about there culture and way of life generally!”

EOA- “who is your role model?”

Craftyshotz- “My role model is obasola Photography! He is a documentary photographer. I love the way he sees life generally, a good photographer, giver, believer, christian, father, just name any good thing!”

EOA- “can you give us a brief profile about yourself?”

Craftyshotz- “My name is popoola olamilekan victor. Craftyshotz photography and most of clients, friends call me Crafty!
I hail from osun state, Ilesha.
Finished my primary and secondary education 2008 in  Olatunde Memorial School, one of the best in Nigeria.
Born on 2nd July 199*.
Began photography training professionally on August 2013 from flickers studios and started praticing as a professional from then till now!
I graduated from the great university of Ado Ekiti (UNAD)as sociologist in 2012(diploma graduate) also in Eksu as a Linguist in 2017( B.a linguistic)..
I own Craftystudios formerly in Ekiti but now in Abuja.”

Here are Craftyshotz Photography contacts to be able to reach him, and also some of his best works are shown below.

-Contact lines: 07060909098, 08137698270.


-Instagram: @craftyshotz_photography

-Facebook- craftyshotz photography

-Twitter- @craftyshotz Photography.

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